Friday, September 23, 2011


Surely I can't be the only one who remembers that poster:  WE NEED YOU!!!!  

Army of Women has a video of me on their website and I am very proud to be supporting the efforts of Dr. Susan Love in her goal of getting One Million Women to sign on.  The other video is an indoor thing and I am more comfy outside.  Beside that, I happen to LOVE that bougainvillea in the upper left corner.  It WILL not survive the NY winter, even though it survived Irene and the apparent tornado that touched down right at my geographic coordinates.  I will once again, bring it indoors very shortly.  And I will hope for the best...... HOPE.  It's the stuff of life, right?

Happy Friday......

I suddenly find myself happily busy with a whole bunch of things.  Everything at once which is not necessarily the best situation for the ADD/OCD CB AM, but, I'm going to do my best.  I made promises and the promise I absolutely must keep is the one I made to myself.  And it's almost October which means I'm jumping on the Pink Bandwagon to Paint the Town Red.

I'm determined to make a difference.  For what I went through, for what my mom went through, for my sisters, absolutely for my daughter, for one extra special person who needs to know there are people rallied behind her, for another who helped me change the course of my life with the roadrunner and the coyote and for several very special sisters.

Hope if you are not signed on, that you will be now.  I just shaved at least 30 seconds off the time by providing a link directly to the information portion of the page.  Go For It.  C'mon.  You aren't obligated to anything.


  1. YOU GO, GIRL! You're fabulous!!! Beautiful! A natural at public speaking! Good on you for doing this. Awesome!!!

  2. Ahhh Renn..... Thanks for the encouragement!! Public speaking... haha, very easy. My "public" was the laptop. I was in the comfort of my backyard which is my peace zone! I am passionate about eradicating this disease and it's easy to get me going when I see too many of our sisters in need of research to catch them. Time is of the essence for so many of them. I do this for prevention for my daughter and for everyone who is on the outside of our little circle. But mostly, my passion is for our Met Sisters. They are the forgotten ones which I have only just come to realize after getting involved with the bloggers and the twitter gang. Thanks again for being so supportive!!! AnneMarie xoxox


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