(simple enough, right?)

I always reply to messages that are personal in nature.

I TRY to reply to all of my messages.  I am a one woman show and there are times it may take longer than others for me to reply. This is a directly tied to how many different directions I'm being pulled and who is doing the pulling. 

If you email me with requests, please see the note below*** as there may be times I can not reply to these messages.

If you are contacting me to add something to the information page, please note: ***I have removed the information and links page from this site. It was outdated and I could not continue to follow each of the links to make sure they were not changed since I initially added them. I do not promote anything I can't personally investigate before including.

Also, thank you to anyone who has offered to create content for this blog. Since I write all of my own posts based upon what is going on in my own life or in the cancer world in general from my own point of view, as of now, I'm not set up for guest bloggers. This is still, "my silly little blog" ....  Again, thank you if you have suggested writing content for me. Should I change the nature of this space, I will let everyone know.

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