Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"All right, Mr. De Mille, I'm ready for my closeup"

I received the email late Friday afternoon.  Walked around in a state of total disbelief and then alternatively was jumping around like a child.  That pretty much consumed Saturday and Sunday.  On Monday, it was "Decide what to wear day."

And yesterday, I was sitting in the ABC News Now studios in a makeup room getting ready for my close up!  Dr. Love was being interviewed for a piece about Army of Women and the producer wanted a "survivor" to participate in the interview.  And, that is how I am still shaking my head in disbelief!

It's a short piece, I know I spoke.  I know it wasn't gibberish.  I believe I answered just a question or two and who knows what may hit the cutting room floor.  It was a "live to tape" piece so it was official, "Lights! Camera! Action!"

I remember Dr. Love using a phrase I have come to love.  It describes the complacency that seems to have attached to breast cancer research.  "We are the victims of our own success."  I believe I was asked something about pink and I believe I said something about being very appreciative but that buried underneath that pink are 40,000 lives that will be lost this year.  I remember asking Dr. Love to clarify that my information was correct and how that number hasn't changed in however many years (20?).

I couldn't tell you what the hell the rest of the sentence was...... the only thing I can say is that the producer and Dr. Love's very wonderful assistant were watching on the TV monitor and they seemed very pleased with the results.

I'll see it when you see it and as of now, I have NO clue when and where.

The only thing I can share for certain?  Dr. Susan Love is an enthusiastic, charming, brilliant woman who WILL change the face of this disease.  Yes, she wants a cure.  But, really, she wants answers. Because for her, prevention is the ultimate cure.  She knows that the treatment we endure to keep the disease at bay comes at a price.  For some of us, it's a small price and for others, it's far more difficult.  And for her, nothing about this disease is okay.  She is determined and so am I.

Clearly, I'm still off in a cloud somewhere.  Color me speechless and that, my friends, NEVER happens.


  1. What an amazing experience you were a part of! I'm sure you did a great job. I'm very proud of my you, my new friend!

  2. :) completely nuts right now trying to staff some events this weekend...

    Mom loves your blog!! I saw your tweet. Yes, she had to watch two of us go through this. She was in the room when the doctor told me. I can't begin to imagine.... I know my mom for whatever reason can't get a comment through on this blog (and I have to try to figure out why but I'm up to my eyeballs on the volunteer thing....).

    Thanks Nancy.... yes, my new friend..... Keep forging these relationships with west coasters.... wonder if someone is trying to tell me to Go West!


  3. AnneMarie, this is so fantastic!!!! I'm so excited for you! AOW is the perfect fit for you, and I've never even met you! But I can sense it, feel it. Please post when it airs so we can cheer you on! Congrats, g-friend! ;-)

  4. Thanks, Renn!
    I was on a call with AOW earlier and I believe the piece is being aired on Monday. I'm almost afraid to see what it looks like!!! I think once the piece airs (maybe Good Morning America), it will be on the ABC Go website. Not too sure..... Thanks for the encouragement. I am pretty excited about AOW!


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