Friday, September 2, 2011


This is the official beginning of the end.  Another summer gone.  It’s the final “summer weekend” and that is depressing.  Summer is my favorite season.  Once the temperature drops to 59 degrees, I'm out. I merely tolerate everything between 59 and 79.  My magic number is 80.

I'm the hot girl.  No, not that hot girl. I'm the girl who likes the hot weather.  And I am also the girl who is always hot.  (Shout out and tremendous thanks to the surgically induced menopause in tandem with daily dose of femara, four years and counting.)

Technically, I'm not a girl at all.  The statute of limitations on "girl" expired long ago.  I can read back the transcript if necessary.  It can be found in a prior entry.

I had high hopes for this summer and I feel as though I accomplished none.

I am going to devote my entire weekend to a proper farewell to My Friend Summer as she heads south for the next nine months.  I plan on a big sendoff party...... this will likely include lots of ice, a martini shaker and something in a bottle whose label contains the word "proof."  I intend upon seeking the bottle with the highest number proof.  I may not be able to solve a math proof, but I haven't forgotten how to select the a bottle with a good proof and run with THAT!
The generators are still humming and my brain is still exploding.  Those noise canceling* headphones (or earbuds) seemed like a great solution.  Apparently, I am about the ten thousandth person to come upon this brilliant idea.  There isn't a store in the vicinity that still has any stock of these items.

Drowning out the noise will be a secondary benefit of my Three Day Extravaganza.  

I need a rest.  My head needs a rest.  I am officially declaring a vacation.  Effective immediately.  I am disengaging my brain for labor day weekend.  That's quite a silly statement-my brain is already doing its own thing-it has a mind of its own......(prior foundation here, too.  I can read back that transcript if necessary OR, a scroll to the very bottom of the page may suffice.)

So much is swirling, but it is going to have to wait for a moment of clarity.  That moment isn't now, so, for now.... I'm taking the next three days to regroup and see where the next season is going to take me.

Have a happy and safe three day weekend.  Back On Tuesday.

*I don't care for the spelling of canceling as defined by Microsoft, Google and Apple.  In my spelling book, it's    C A N C E L L I N G....

Happy Weekend..... Happy End of Summer.....  Happy Everything......

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