Thursday, September 1, 2011


I do not wish to come off as a crybaby because I KNOW I am lucky.  I have my electricity so my home is comfy, the water is hot, the air is cool and the pool is clean.  I didn't lose any food.

My neighbors are not so lucky.  I am in a small grid and I am going to guess that I was in the first group of homes to have the power restored.  In other words, I am NOT complaining.  This is simply a statement of fact.

Right now, my brain is about to blow off the top of my head.  I am going to have to take a writing break for the day.  The generators are rattling my brain.  If indeed there is a brain capable of being rattled.  I thought my brain was already damaged enough.  I thought wrong.  Obviously. 

I can't concentrate with the incessant hum.  If I try to use headphones, I can't concentrate.  If it's music, I sing.  If I put on some sort of spa type music, I daydream.  Ditto the sound of the sea or any other "nature noise."  

I am going to do my neighbors a very big favor tomorrow.  I will go to the store and buy a set of noise canceling headphones.  I do believe they have noise canceling earbuds, too.  That, if I'm not mistaken, is the latest and the greatest.  The earbuds make more sense.  I can use them when I am walking around in the city of "Irene was overhyped" NY.  Anything "noise canceling" is super expensive.

I have not gotten a single thing done since Monday when I cleaned up the house.  I simply MUST take care of the paperwork that is in my office.  And it must be done tomorrow......  Once again, I opened OLD mail today but I couldn't do much more than just open the envelopes.....even though I saw at least three bills already past due.

The noise is now driving me loony.  It's coming at me from all directions.  The noise canceling buds will just allow me the luxury of SILENCE.  It was already established during my neurocognitive evaluation, NOISE is a distraction.  All noise.    

The favor I am doing for my neighbors?  I'm guessing here, but if the purpose of this item is silence, I'm pretty sure, we will be talking a hefty sum.  As soon as I rip open the packaging and the super expensive electronic item is no longer returnable, their power will be restored.  Likely within five minutes, more likely as soon as I make the first cut in the packaging.  

Serves me right for making even the slightest little wise crack the other day.

Karma is a bitch.

Payback is a bitch.

Humming generators are a bitch.

And I am the biggest bitch of all for bitchin' when I got nothing to bitch ABOUT.

Ingrate.  And a bitch.  Back tomorrow.  Maybe.  Hopefully.  

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