Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sufficiently Aware.  We are sufficiently aware.  Yes, indeed.

Each day I try to read through the blogs as new entries are posted.  This is why the list remains on my page.  That little list rearranges itself to keep the blogs with newest entries on top.  It’s a chemobrain thing.  This list is for me and if anyone is using the list, I am encouraging you to use the list like I do.  When I get to one of the listed blogs, I click on their blog roles.  Sometimes, I remember to add the new ones to my list.  Mostly, I must say, I DO NOT.

It’s distracted brain…….it’s something I have tried to “fix.”  No success yet but I DO try.  My next attempt?  The blinders they use on horses and a pair of noise cancelling ear buds with the sound of only a ticking clock.  I generally hate ticking clocks but for whatever reason, I can sit in silence listening to the wall clock in the room where I sit when I’m reading or typing.  It’s as if this tic tock is keeping me in some sort of rhythmic motion.  Distracted, but still…. I’m not catatonic in the midst of chaos.

The blogs are inspiring and educational.  They are witty and sometimes quite serious.  They are packed with information and there is a sisterhood.  I’ve become attached to so many and on some days, my heart is shattered with sadness.  I want to fix the world.  I don’t like the idea of “bad things happening to good people.”  Every one of my new friends has their own story to share and I love the connection I feel when I learn something new about a blogger (or a tweep and just remember, I am still the dim-dumb twit in THAT arena).

Is there any point to this?  Somewhat.  Yesterday, I learned something from Nancy.   This week is National Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Awareness Week.   And on Wednesday, in the middle of the awareness maelstrom of THIS particular week, is “National Previvor Day.”

As I read Nancy’s blog, I realized something.  When asked, I will openly share my store to anyone who asks but until Nancy put those words in black and white on her blog, I don't think I had an honest grasp of the concept.  I am a “survivor” of a family cluster of disease.  Although both of my BRCA genes have mutations, they are of unknown significance.  And my mom has no mutations at all.   One of my sisters matched one of mine.  On the genetics front, it certainly seems like my family cluster could be the mutation they have not yet identified.   I have two sisters.  In four first degree relatives, we have what amounts to five breast cancer diagnosis’?

And your point would be?  I am marking this coming Wednesday because a label has been placed upon my daughter and my nieces.  They are previvors.  September 28 is their day.  I don’t WANT them to have a day.  And it IS just that simple.  And, I don’t want my blog sisters or my tweeps to have their day on October 13 when we “raise awareness” for those living with metastatic disease.  The metavivors.

This year, when we look into the sea of pink or walk into someone proudly wearing a pink ribbon pin we DO need to raise awareness.  The battle cry of the awareness campaign needs to change.  THIS is what WE need to do for all of the KIND & SELFLESS people who support us by walking and bowling and spinning.  We need to make them aware.  They are doing this for US and I'm sure it wouldn't offend a single person sporting a pin or tying up a pair of sneakers.  I suggest our mantra for October should be in line with the whole concept of raising awareness.  I suggest we should be shouting from the rooftops:


After all, the truth doesn't lie and the truth is buried beneath a pile of pink.

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