Friday, January 13, 2012


If yesterday was all about breaking my own rules, today, I'm annoyed by the sound of my own voice.  A perpetual Broken Record.  I Sound Like A Broken Record.

IF there is one person who reads this blog and who has not joined Army of Women, I'm looking for you.  Beyond THOSE people, if you are already part of the Army of Women......Would you consider sending a mass email to everyone in your address book with a link to the sign up page?  Facebook??  Your Twitter followers???  A blog blurb????

Play the Cancer Card.  When you play that card, make sure to let people know we want a world where that card will be REMOVED FROM THE DECK!  Share my You Tube link on the 1000 Women page.  Ha!  That might reap double benefits.  I can garner a vote, get someone to listen to me blab about my story and get a new recruit for the Army of Women.

How is it possible we are stuck at 360,000 women?  One Million Women is not a lofty goal or an unrealistic expectation. Toss it out there.  Start a ripple effect.

I participated in a study yesterday.  Got an email.  Said "sign me up" .... was directed to a link for an online study about aromitase inhibitors.  Took less than half an hour.  Feels GREAT.

Here's the link to the video that explains Army of Women in simple terms.  And HERE is the link directly to the sign up page.

Go For It.  It's Friday the 13th.  Maybe we can make this Bad Luck for Breast Cancer Day.




  1. Thanks AnnMarie for sharing about Army of Women and NBBC. These are both important organizations that I believe put an end to breast cancer.

  2. Tami,
    I do believe so strongly that these organizations will find a way to make a difference. Your husband commented on one of my other blog entries and directed me to your blog. AND, I had the pleasure of knowing we were already twitter buddies!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. Stay well.


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