Monday, January 16, 2012


Last week was quite a week.  I want to mention some of the things that took my breath away and damn, I know I'm heading into The Danger Zone.  I remember my son's kindergarten teacher.  "That's why I don't name people individually. Someone is invariably forgotten."

First, I had the opportunity to meet a fellow Long Island resident, Tobey Young who founded and runs an all volunteer not for profit organization called Previvors and Survivors.  With my family cluster of disease and two wacky BRCA genes, I am constantly on high alert for any news about genetic risk or familial risk factors.  It's what moms do.  The watchful eye. Tobey has a fabulous website packed with information.  There is something so magical about stepping from behind the computer and having the virtual hugs we send each other turn into a face to face meeting and a warm embrace.  And there is something so special about Tobey.  She is genuine and sincere and her efforts are truly from a place of love.

I was scheduled to meet Evelyn, another NY neighbor who was on Long Island last week but the time was tight.  One missed train and a doctor appointment I could not reschedule derailed that meeting.  I'm sure we will meet sometime soon.

On Wednesday, Idelle Davidson, co-author of Your Brain After Chemo gave me her blog space for a day. We swapped blogs and she shared her personal experience from her cancer diagnosis through the trials and tribulations of her issues with chemobrain leading up to the publication of her book.  I decided that we will be the Abbott and Costello of Chemobrain. Come to think of it, "Who's on first" could have been written by someone WITH chemobrain.  That's the zig zag thought process, that is the confusion.... it's the epitome of chemobrain!

On Thursday, I went into outrage mode when someone took some really cheap shots in the comments section of one of my newer blogger buddies. Certain things just push the wrong buttons and when that happens, I can't hold back.  That same day, I found out another buddy had her entire BLOG stolen.  What?  The whole world lost its collective mind in a span of 36 hours??

By the time Friday rolled around, I had nothing left.  Not an ounce of wit.  And even less on the intelligence scale.  I received a couple of emails from Army of Women, including a "Call To Action" for which I was eligible and I did participate in an online study.  I know everyone that is involved with Army of Women is trying to figure out how to get Dr. Love her pool of one million women.  The text option was introduced in November.  Last week, I noticed there is a new sign up method embedded within their Facebook page.  Anyone on FB doesn't have to leave the application.  The Facebook link is a great idea.  Someone MUST explain to me how The Pink Ribbon page on Facebook has over 1.6 million fans and Army of Women has little more than 360,000 enrolled "volunteers."

On some level, I suppose that irritates me a bit which is why I asked for help in my Friday blog.  I threw out some suggestions and I want to extend a public and most heartfelt thanks to one of my twitter friends, Kathleen Hoffman, PhD, a Health Communications Specialist.  She wrote a blog she titled Motivated By Love and in that blog, she included my You Tube video.  Wow. WOW!  I hope you will stop by her Facebook page and become a fan.  Bookmark her blog.  I don't know how else I can express the depth of the gratitude I feel.  What an unexpected thrill...... that's a ripple.

Terri finally made it to Viet Nam after a snafu in Hong Kong and upon her arrival in Hanoi, had her iPhone stolen. Something similar just happened in NYC.  A stolen handbag containing an iPhone.  The difference?  In NYC, they lojacked that phone and the idiots who stole the handbag led the police right to their apartment where they were arrested.  Note to thieves and robbers who are not in third world countries.  Ditch the smart phone if you rob someone.  They are called smart phones for a reason, you dumbasses.  Shout out to my son, the source of all news tid bits.....

I connected with Lori and there's a good shot we will be sharing a room in Washington DC at the NBCC Summit in May.  We will squeeze in an evening of dancing and I apparently have a bit of an issue with weak bones in my ankles.  I just realized this ankle thing over the weekend so the dancing will have to be in some sort of flat shoes... or, if I'm in appropriately stylish heels, it will be chair dancing.  On Saturday evening, my right ankle began to weaken.  I felt it ever so slightly and within seconds, it went from being a bone to feeling like it was a strand of cooked spaghetti.  Wobble-right, wobble-left, wiggle-right.... and then I found myself on the floor.  The femara is doing a number on my bones.  This is how elderly people break bones by DOING NOTHING??

I wish I could say I had a few too many cocktails.  I didn't.  Or, that I wasn't dressed appropriately (for my age) and the shoes were too high.  They were on the high side, but as Diane tells it, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to keep up 42 year old appearances.  I love Diane.  And I love Stephanie, too.  We have become Triple Trouble Twitter People.  Stephanie is my clothing stylist.  She will outfit me and accessorize me via the airwaves.... or the "cloud" or however things happen to get around on the internet.

Lastly, for today.....  I would be remiss if I didn't thank Marie for including me in her Friday Round Up.  I do believe a good many of my new friendships were borne of her very first mention of my blog.

Did I forget you?  I really didn't forget anyone....... this is my brain after chemo.  If I "forgot" ..... it's because in my mind, IT NEVER HAPPENED.....  Damned chemobrain.....


  1. Well now..I must say I really enjoyed this round-up of events in your life and those of the lives of others we care about. My heart has skipped so many beats for our dear friend Terri - but she will grow in wisdom, strength and courage through all these experiences, and isn't it wonderful that thanks to the amazing advances in technology, we can all partake in some small way in her adventures!

  2. Hi Marie and thank you for sharing you thoughts and for sending out a tweet....And in case anyone does NOT know... this is "The Marie" from that almost last paragraph. I was so fried last night but I felt I really wanted to thank a couple of people (yes, that would be you as part of the "I need to say a public thanks" group). Then I began to review the events of last week and realized how my life was touched on so many different levels by the group of people I met via twitter and this blog. Face to face meetings, joking around on twitter and of course, Terri-who is teaching all of us how to set a goal and make it happen! Then, the stuff that outraged me..... I morphed into Activist AnneMarie..... A smorgasbord of stuff..... Hope you are well!


  3. Anne Marie: I have been off the blog world for several days and just now catching up. What an info-packed and juicy read this post was! Thanks for turning me on to previviors and survivors (I added them to my favs) as well as to the fact that Nancy's blog was hijacked. ERGH! You had me laughing at the image of you chair dancing. I do hope your ankle feels better my dear!!

  4. Hi Renn... I've missed you! I had a thought about adding a wisecrack along the lines of "chair dancing not to be confused with pole dancing.. or for that matter, jumping on a table top which my very dear friend has done on more than one occasion" ...... Ankle still QUITE swollen. I guess I'm lucky I didn't snap the bone. Yikes!

  5. You sure can pack a lot into one little blog post! How do you do it? I know what you mean about the ankle thing. I, too, have that issue. I keep telling myself I just have to work my way through it when they hurt... Many people just don't realize the abuse our bodies take as a result of cancer treatment. The side effects linger on. But then of course you know this don't you? After all, you did decide to call your blog Chemobrain! Thanks for the mention of my "stolen blog" and thanks for pointing out some new sites for me to check out.

  6. Hi Nancy,
    I feel like the whole world went nuts for a spell last week. A great thing and then something horrible..... your blog robbery really got me going. And meeting Tobey only to find out she MET our buddy Accidental Amazon who apparently traveled to Long Island to participate in a fund raising fashion show....... I seem to have a theme... It was the Best of Weeks, It was the Worst of Weeks!!! Hope things are simmering down for everyone and we can all go back to fighting the beast. Agree wholeheartedly "People just don't realize the abuse our bodies take" .....
    As for packing lots into a blog post.... that's just me and my mind moving in circles and then somehow trying to connect the dots! The UPSIDE of Chemobrain. :)

  7. AnneMarie,
    I am grateful for you and your video...Thank you!!!Kathleen

  8. xoxo it was awesome meeting you AnneMarie- I had a great time @ lunch & I'm looking forward to doing it again soon. xoxo Tobey

  9. Hi! Just got this link from "Journeying Beyond Cancer." I was not familiar with the term chemobrain, but I do know what you are referring to. I had it BAD when undergoing chemo. I could barely string a sentence together. It has been 6 weeks since my last chemo and still some chemo fog. Does it ever go away?

    Cancer Warrior


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