Monday, January 9, 2012


Last week I mentioned that there were a couple of new studies and I just couldn't engage my brain to even locate the proper links to the abstracts.  Very unlike me.

TaDA!  Enter:  Doctor Love.....

On Friday, she took the time to unravel the research and she explained everything in her blog.  I'm pretty sure she had an extra special eye toward her audience....... the-(ahem)-brain challenged..... when Dr. Love put her words on paper.  It's easy to read and it's easy to understand.

There are many comments on the blog and those comments do bring tears to my eyes.  Vindicated, validated, "we aren't lying," and all other variations of that theme are peppered within the comments.

My own non-scientific observation?  This stuff is FAR MORE widespread than we will ever know.  Hell, it took me a very long time to realize I was underperforming.  I blamed it on the work load.  I blamed it on the need to constantly switch gears.  I was frazzled.  It never occurred to me that it might have something to do with a diminished ability.

Steve Jobs said something about connecting the dots backwards.  What troubles me?  There are so many components to chemobrain.  I began connecting those dots and some of the "issues" seem to have worsened with time.  And some of those "issues" continue to deteriorate and now, it's noticeable.  Is it because I'm acutely aware of my limitations or is it because it's just getting THAT bad?  I don't know.

I do know there are days, all joking aside, that I could use an assistant to guide me through basic daily tasks.  And then, there are days that everything seems to be completely normal.  And then again, there are aspects of my life that seem to be totally unaffected.  This is weird stuff.  Really, REALLY weird stuff.  And, either you "get it" ...... or you don't.... and if you don't....... it defies any logical explanation so just back off and DEAL.

To steal Dr. Love's words:

we now have solid data to support what women have been saying about chemobrain—
it’s real! 


  1. It's very real. I'm totally convinced. Sometimes this chemobrain thing really frightens me, but then everything about cancer really frightens me. What more can I say?

  2. EVERYTHING about cancer really frightens me.... Yes, Nancy, that is THE TRUTH! This is why we just need to keep get louder and more annoying. Sooner or later, the research will catch up on every level. I have to believe that. The more we all continue to stick together, the better chance we have to force change. So glad to be welcomed into your life and the blog crowd! Thank you.... AnneMarie

  3. Hello my friend. Thanks for sharing the link. I would like to forward Dr. Love's blog entry to my boss. She just doesn't "get it". My hourly rate was cut by $4 per hour because I was making excessive mistakes at work. I was working PT all through 12 weeks Chemo, I shared info about Chemobrain with them, told them when I was having an off day and they still took money away. Not so great when there are medical bills to pay.

    Anyway, thanks for being our "rebel with a cause". You give me strength to fight this fight for change. Joined the Wisconsin chapter of the National Breast Cancer Coalition thanks to you my friend! Barb

  4. Oh, Barb-First of all Happy New Year and I hope your holidays were wonderful! I am THRILLED that you joined NBCC. Your pay cut is part of what I began to write about... well, not YOURS... but the fact that many women fight hard to HIDE their limitations for precisely this reason. Careers are on the line or women are being "demoted" for their inability to perform at prior levels. There are legal resources and "chemobrain" is considered a disability under the Americans With Disabilities Act..... meaning we are entitled to accommodations (like working in a quiet place)..... before I spew incorrect information, I'll see if I can find the links. Thanks for checking in!!

  5. It certainly is real AM. This new chemo that I'm on has totally messed with my brain. I only have to compare my blog writing from one year to the next to see how my word power has diminished. Not my snark though luckily!

  6. Oh crap... how is it that I just now found you?! Whatever, now I feel that there's another out there who is using her words much better than I. Chemo brain... what else can I say. This has fucked up my life far more than cancer did.

  7. If you are so inclined

  8. Hey Rach....
    Your writing is fantastic...... snark especially.... Word power? Hell.... that's a whole other story..... Goes with the territory.... word drops, etc....

    mj-I went to your blog....and I'm glad we found each other. I hate that so many of us are going through this. It does wreak havoc and it's awful to feel like we are the punchline of a joke. I get it... we all get it....


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