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And yes, that does rhyme with $h!t storm and that is precisely what happened last night when Komen began trending on twitter-GLOBALLY.  It's late as I type this and I invite anyone who wrote about this to include a link to their blog page in a comment box.  I will re-edit my post to incorporate any links provided via the comment boxes into the body of this entry so they are "clickable" ....

The ones I can quickly find, I will include.  As I said, it's late.  So what the hell happened last night?  The very short version?  Komen pulled close to $700,000 in grant money they were providing to Planned Parenthood.  As a sister blogger stated, this is NOT a conversation about abortion or birth control.  I respect everyone's right to their own point of view-religious, political or otherwise.

I do not moderate my comments but I will delete any comment that even hints at those topics.  While I respect free speech and I am all for healthy debate, this is about the many other services provided by Planned Parenthood.  Services like mammography and gyn screening.  Services that are provided to the underinsured or those without the means to pay for routine screening.

The lion's share of Komen's donor dollars has been spent raising awareness about the importance of mammography screening and how early detection saves lives.  Some (many, most?) are unhappy with the percentage of funding that is provided for research but again, that's not relevant to this conversation.  I'm going to stick with the commitment Komen made to raise awareness and to make sure mammography screening is available to anyone in need.  Pulling funding from Planned Parenthood when this is PRECISELY what that money is being used for?  I call BullSh!t.

I'm going to quote Dr. Susan Love via NPR (and be sure to read her blog, too):

"I don't understand what is bad about funding mammograms and breast exams!"

Well, me either.  And this is what caused The Twit Shit Storm Of January 31, 2012.

There were lots of great tweets flying around but I'm calling this my favorite tweet of the night.  Her blog can be found here: .

I don't have the time or energy to #FightKomen.#ScrewKomen. Let's #FightBreastCancer & #FundPlannedParenthood. Make Komen irrelevant.

What do I like about this tweet.... the important things.... Fight Breast Cancer and Fund Planned Parenthood.  Amadi followed this up with a suggestion to donate to Planned Parenthood and I tossed out the idea that joining Army of Women would cost nothing.  My thought process?  That fits the "Fight Breast Cancer" part of her tweet.

I was very surprised to get an immediate reply thanking me for the link, promising she would research Army of Women and offering me congrats on five years of survival.  And blessings.  That just made me smile.  She's a stranger.  But now she isn't.

Amadi, THANK you for reaching out to me.  I'm big on random acts of kindness and your reply felt like that to me.  And I've had a pretty lousy week.  You would have no way of knowing that so just know, You Made A Difference.... If you happen to be reading this, again... thank you.  

The posts explaining this dust up are below but first, I NEED to try this One More Time because there are far too many women who have never heard of Army of Women or who are unsure what it's all about.  This is the 2AM version so if this seems insulting because it's worded as if I'm talking to someone who has the education level of a fifth grader, it's all I got left.  In other words, I'm not talking down at anyone.  I'm the one with the challenged brain.

(If you are already familiar with AOW and don't feel like hearing my voice again, just scroll down to the blogs listed below...... they offer the details of Komen and Planned Parenthood and what happened.  If you are NOT familiar with AOW and for example, you don't realize all women can join, please do read my pitch....please....)

Going with the basics.  Who What When Where Why How.


Anyone over the age of 18 is invited to "join" Army of Women.  This includes ALL women - whether you have a diagnosis of breast cancer or not.  We need ALL ethnicities & no holds barred on lifestyle, either.  Women of color, Latinas, Asian, gay, straight, bi (why do I feel like I'm singing Lady Gaga?)

Army of Women is NOT an Army.  You are joining a group of women who are determined to see breast cancer eradicated in our lifetime.  You are NOT being asked to donate money.  You are NOT being asked to donate your time.  You are NOT being asked to provide anything other than very basic information.  YOU ARE consenting to allow Army of Women to send you emails (perhaps three per month) to notify you of research studies that are looking for woman participants.  YOU are NOT obligated to join a study, EVER.  These are research studies, NOT DRUG trials.

Now!  We need to end this dread disease.  Join today.  Join now.  It will take less than 90 seconds.

Anyone can join by clicking here.  Or, send a text to 46637 with the words armyofwomen in the message.  You will get reply on your phone.  You can join via Facebook, too (and while you're there, "Like" the page, too!)

To help Dr. Susan Love who is among the top breast cancer research doctors in the WORLD.  She is the author of what is commonly referred to as The Bible on breast cancer.  It is her goal to have a database of ONE MILLION women.  Mice don't get breast cancer.  Women do.  The research community is trying to understand the cause of breast cancer so one day it can be prevented.  If a researcher is doing a "quality" study which will be scrutinized by a panel of highly esteemed docs/scientists, Dr Love's team will send a mass email to all of the women who "joined" (signed up to JUST review the email-can't stress that one enough.... that is ALL you are joining to do... ).  If you fit the study criteria and you would like to participate, you simply RSVP right within the email.  Or, you decline.

The Rest:
You never need to join a study.  You will never be contacted by anyone suggesting you join a study.  Your email information will not be shared with anyone.  Your privacy is protected.  The basic information requested is for the SOLE purpose of making sure there is a diverse group of women-in other words, all age groups, ethnic backgrounds, geographic locations... One million of ME (middle aged-ugh, hate to admit to that--white women) ain't solving anything..... Now you know WHY you are being asked to provide ANY sort of information.

The page of FAQ's

Here are the blogs.... as I said..... post a comment and I'll keep this list going!

Uneasy Pink

Xeni who is sitting in the chemo chair today singing a favorite Grateful Dead tune.

My friend Alicia with whom I have a wager on the Super Bowl outcome


The comments are the best.

Thank you, Jen for the link in the comment box!

Here's Jackie... thanks for sharing it here

Done for now... will add more tomorrow.. (or rather in a couple of hours)... tis late...

The story is the same... my angle?  Seizing the momentum on behalf of Army of Women!  I'm just an opportunist.... but while this raging is going on and everyone is shouting research... Let's do it...  Yes, I DO have an agenda..... I volunteer with AOW to staff events and get more women to sign up.  Yes, definitely.  I have an agenda.  Mostly, the agenda is.... Eradicate The Disease.

NY Organizer
Army of Women


  1. All I can say is that Komen's lack of funding for Planned Parenthood is deplorable. And, yes, this isn't about pro vs. anti-abortion. This is about women's health.

    Thank you for an insightful posting and a very strong voice in cyberspace.

    1. Thank you, Beth. I am going to keep tweeting this today and I hope many will RT and share. First and foremost, I DO NOT agree with what was done. Jackie also sent a tweet captured the essence of this mess and I will locate it to share here. But secondly, the audience is paying attention. I don't get the whole concept of WHY Army of Women does not have well over one million women already. Volunteering with them and understanding their philosophy and the reasons for signing up as many women as possible, I am passionate about seeing study information reach as many women as possible. Fill studies quickly. Move to the next study. If women know they are needed, they will step up. All I need to do is look at what happened last night. GLOBALLY. I was watching a tweet stream in many languages and saw the map of the world LIT UP.

      Thanks so much for continuing to encourage me with your words.


  2. AnneMarie, as a firm believer and member of AOW, I'm with you. They're the ones actually doing something, rather then just speaking words. Love your rant.

    1. Thanks, Stacey...
      This was ABSOLUTELY an opportunistic moment for me to push Army of Women. I know I saw the "counter" on the page go up a few notches last night and I hope that is from MY BIG MOUTH. Love to be part of your world!


  3. Thank you Anne Marie. I'm with you 12,000%.


    1. I know it.. and I am glad you got all the technical information in your blog. My head was spinning last night in SO many directions, all I could do was focus on hoping this ROAR would help change the direction. Maybe there IS change coming?? Anyone who man not realize, this is Uneasy Pink who got her blog up so fast she had our heads spinning. WELL done, Katie....


  4. My sister-in-law is going through chemo. My wife has an associate at work who just had a double mastectomy. My best friend's wife has finished chemo and gotten a clean bill of health... so far. I'm watching this unfold before me, and the to hear that a major breast cancer organization is pandering to the anti-choice crowd is just stunning. I sent a letter -- yes, an actual letter -- to Nancy Brinker today. I'm incensed. Between this and Mitt Romney, it has become quite clear that forces are aligning in our nation that intend to draw clear, distinct lines between those worthy of things and those who are not, by "morality" police and their wealthy backers. I'm sick of this, sick of all of it. When you threaten the lives of women over politics, you go in the dog house, and you're gonna have a hell of a time getting out.

    1. I thank you for taking the time to share all of this with me and my "breast cancer buddies" ...... I think you may have just become part of our Dream Team by sending a letter to Nancy Brinker. We are, I believe, viewed as a bunch of disgruntled women whiners. Thing is, we are ANGRY. My treatment in 2006-7 was IDENTICAL to my mom's in 1987. Same surgery, same drugs. There is no change. Early detection saved my life (for NOW) but treatment comes at a price to our bodies and our minds and our emotions. I wish your SIL speedy exit from the chemo portion of the program. Continued good health to the wife of your best friend and all the best to your wife's associate. Enough already. ENOUGH!


  5. I blogged about this issue tonight and included many links to other bloggers. I really think many people simply did not know about Komen and how little they have been doing; at least that is the feedback I have been getting. Will go check out AOW now. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Jen...

      As promised.... Your link is "clickable" with the others....

      Best to you.... a foreign service family! I think we all owe you our gratitude!

      Thanks again for sharing this with me! And big thanks for checking out and hopefully signing up for AOW!!!


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thank you! Yep, our lives are a bit crazy right hubby was actually in Iraq ( when I received my dx in 2010 and is leaving for a year in Kabul 21 May. However, we are then moving to Managua in July 2013, so will be happy to be together again as a family and very excited about that adventure.

      Thanks so much for the link!

  6. Hi Anne Marie,
    I am proud to say I'm a member of the Army of Women and will help spread the word on an organization that's actually HELPFUL. Komen is never getting another dime from me. Here's a "retweet" of my comment on Twitter: Women of means will always have choices. It's the poor who have choices taken away from them. Komen should be ashamed. If I blog about this I'll share a the link.

    1. Thanks, Jackie,
      The tweet hit the point perfectly. Thanks for putting it here..... and if you blog about it.... Definitely.... want the link. I will read it because my list on the side does remind me to read what everyone is saying..... I just tend to forget the rest of the steps - i.e.-copy and paste the link!

  7. Okay, I weighed in too . . .

    1. And it's in the post.... and as usual, a great post!

  8. Huge congrats on hitting your five year milestone!!! I've no blog to pimp here, I just want to wish you many, many more years to come.

    1. Thank you, Julia! That really made me smile-the congrats part, I mean.... And, the "no blog to pimp" has me laughing hysterically!! Your good wishes really mean lots-sounds hollow, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

  9. Crawford GlissadevilleFebruary 9, 2012 at 2:16 AM

    Exciting day. Your at your best in Komen KAOS, or Twit Storms Anne Marie. I admire the way you helped keep the sister's energy focused. Eradicate Breast Cancer.


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