Monday, February 6, 2012


Just when you think there's nothing to say, LIFE blindsides you.  I am overwhelmed with grief as I just learned about the death of a blogger buddy and twitter pal.

Rachel was 42 years old.  She had "advanced disease," "metastatic breast cancer," or in layman terms, her cancer spread beyond her breast.  Her blog is on the blogroll:  Cancer Culture Chronicles

Rachel was quite vocal in her feelings about Komen and led the charge into exposing the sheer stupidity of so much of the pink washing and the LACK of funding for research.  She was witty and wise.  Snarky.  And her blog was filled with resources for all of us to use to move beyond the status quo.

The research did NOT move quickly enough to save Rachel's life.... to come up with a way to stop the spread of the disease.  Her death comes as a shock to the entire world of social media.

I suspect we all wondered what was happening when we didn't hear her voice in last week's frenzy of CRAP.

The tears are flooding many keyboards this morning and will continue to do so for quite some time.

On behalf of Rachel, DO something.  Click the link to her blog and use the resources she has listed......Pick something that speaks to you, ANYTHING....  Just Do something in her honor.  Actually, she did suggest Metavivor could do some good with the money in this contest.  How about voting in her honor?  Leave a comment for her devoted husband and family.

She did so much for us.  It's our turn to give back.  Let the world hear our voices.  Together.  Making an impact on behalf of our friend.  Another life taken by the dread disease.  Another life taken far too soon.  Another family devastated.

Rest in peace, my sweet loving friend.  The light in this world is forever diminished.  You will be sorely missed.

Rachel Cheetham Moro 1970-2012  

Of course, I now CHERISH this last tweet exchange during the BCSM chat on January 23th.  Our topic, ironically enough was metastatic disease....

Rachel said:
The other thing abt living with mets, is our worlds start to shrink. That's where fearless friends are so important. 
I replied:
I'm fearless. and anyone else I missed in the chat w/ mets Identify yourself pls so I add u
Her reply which will live in MY heart forever:
<3 <3 <3 # bcsm
The following morning, she posted the link to the entire chat.  One of her tweets from that chat is now particularly poignant:

"I think you'll find most of us don't fear dying, but what comes in between. Very difficult to find people to talk to abt that"

And then, one day later, on January 24th, her very last tweet:
Are we finally being heard??? Keeping my fingers crossed....

It's up to us to make sure her voice is NEVER silenced.  It's up to us to make it happen.  Those were here last public words in the social media arena.

Uncross your fingers and rest easy, Rachel.  Yes, We ARE Being Heard.... and we will continue at this until the whole world hears us.

PS-I'm disabling the comments on this post.  I'd much prefer anyone who feels the need to comment go directly to Rachel's blog and leave your thoughts there......  this isn't about about me..... it's about Rachel, it's for Rachel and it's for anyone who reads this blog and who does not know Rachel....... We mourn her death deeply but mostly, we celebrate her life.  Our lives are enriched because of hers.  I hope you will click, read and leave a message.