Thursday, February 23, 2012


I stumbled upon a website called Great Nonprofits and as part of my commitment (to myself) to add my voice... okay, really, my BIG mouth... to the roaring sound of change, I went poking around.  I haven't really had too much time to investigate the site but I see lots of familiar organizations in the Breast Cancer category.  I began adding a few of them to my favorites.

Today, I'm going to ask you to step away from your comfort zones.  Or, I'm going to play school.  I'm the teacher.  Here's the homework assignment.  Click on this link and share the love.   How about adding some remarks to give a boost and a shout out to Dr Susan Love Research Foundation?  Not sure what to say or how to say it?  Take a peek around the website. You know what Dr. Love is all about......see how the website is a treasure trove of information.  Now, get on over to Great Nonprofits and share your thoughts about the important work being done by my heroine.

We, the breast cancer bloggers, the rebel tweeps, the fearless friends.... we all get it.  No more pink ribbons.  No more awareness campaigns.  It's about action.  It's about the work of the National Breast Cancer Coalition as they push to beat that clock....... it's about Breast Cancer Action and peeling back the pink AND, it's about research research research.  I can't think of anyone more committed to eradicating breast cancer than Dr. Love.  I am Reviewer Zero.  Isn't that the way they refer to the first person who spread the flu in the office.  Patient Zero?  There were no reviews for DSLRF until I wrote mine.  Ergo, Reviewer Zero.  I like that I was first.  Not boastful, but it's that thrill of finding the needle in the haystack.  

Great Nonprofits is akin to Trip Advisor.  Do you search the internet to find a good hotel in the best location by reading the reviews of others?  Check Yelp to find the trendy coffee shops?  Well alrighty then.  Read real people reviews about the non-profits.  Over the next couple of days I hope to search out some of the other organizations that I know are doing good work.  I'll write reviews and there are a couple of small local groups in my community that do great things.  I will add them to the list of non-profits.  I was hoping to compile a list of "worthwhile" organizations anyway...... it was one of the projects that's been bouncing around my brain.  That website seems to have a far greater reach than my blog.  Plus, the website has a foundation.... an infrastructure already in place.  So, off I go......

I don't want my homework to be late.  I understand this substitute teacher they call chemobrainfog is a real pain in the ass. Not up for being bitchslapped by a bitchblogger......  So, if you'll excuse me, I have some work to do.  And, SO DO YOU. Get moving!


  1. I love this....I would like to post a linky on my fb page to it would reach way more people than my little ole that ok ???


  2. Tammy,
    Absolutely you can link this anywhere you like! Thank you!!!


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