Monday, February 6, 2012


I can't wrap my brain around this.  CAN NOT.  Talk about BLINDSIDED??  Coincidentally, Susan left a comment on a post in this blog titled Blindsided.  I was worrying over nothing.

The world is huge and Susan Niebur would be the best person with whom to have that discussion.  She was, you see, an astrophysicist.  She had a gentle voice.  Her kindness.... You can HEAR it in her beautiful voice.

That video is Susan, reading a post from her blog and it is compelling to watch. When it was posted, boy, did she get a HUGE response.  This particular entry was read by over 35,000 people and contains close to 400 comments.  Here was Susan's response to all those who asked, "What can we do?"

Pick one of her suggestions...... and do it.

The world is slightly less bright again...... in less than twelve hours.  ANOTHER life taken by this dread disease.  ANOTHER husband and two very small children whose lives will never never ever be the same. This is tragic on so many levels.  My heart is heavy.

I am truly overwhelmed today.  This was more than any community should have to bear.  Two beautiful, strong, intelligent women.  Gone.  Keep Susan in your thoughts.  And her broken-hearted family.  Rest easy and peacefully sweet Susan and know you were loved by so many.

Again, I am leaving the comments closed.  Anyone who reads my blog and did not know Susan, this isn't about me.  If you would like to say something, please take a moment to offer some words of support to her husband and those two little boys.