Friday, November 18, 2011


I'm trying to get into the spirit of the upcoming holiday.  Looking at my life and realizing I am thankful for so much. And I am.

But, I'm irritated at the moment with this onslaught of "being blindsided."  And I realize, that's okay, too.  It's not normal to expect that every day is going to be sprinkled with sunshine.

No coincidence that it's been two straight dreary ass rainy cold NY days.... I am definitely one with Mother Nature..... Apparently, the clouds that darken the sky, put a big damper on me, too.

Maybe I need to do a bit of retail therapy?

Maybe I'll feel more cheerful when I get to the salon and my grays are covered.  It will be especially helpful when my hair guru fixes the choppy mess I made of my bangs in a fit of "I can't STAND what my hair looks like" .....  (I need to take note here and keep all scissors out of sight when I get into one of those moods.)

I'm exercising my right to postpone my "Let's Give Thanks" and "Be Grateful" and "All That Cheer" stuff.

Last week, I was walking on sunshine and seven days later, that memory?  Now faint and beginning to fade.

I'm going to conjure up some images of being all dressed up and feeling oh so confident and thoroughly enjoying The Birthday Night, the big event, the main event and the day after.....

I'm in that Big C Holding Pattern right now.  Waiting for a test, waiting for a call and then, I will be waiting for results and all that other stupidity.....

Definitely off to distract myself......

Happy hour with the girls later on....

Two parties on Saturday..... two different outfits which I can accessorize during retail therapy.....

Think about a few exciting little projects I have in the works......

Appreciate that I made somewhat of a dent in the disaster area formerly known as my office.......

Best if I fill up on some silly stuff because it just occurred to me that it's not too smart to schedule a biopsy less than 48 hours in advance of a holiday that spans four days.

I'm working myself into a frenzy knowing what's on the other side of Friday.




  1. Sweet AM- I hope you have lots and lots of good retail therapy. You should look as fabulous as you are.
    Hope it is a fun weekend, and I wish somehow your mind would be clear of "the waiting game" during the holiday.
    Love Kel

  2. Thanks, Kel...

    And, thanks for letting me have lunch with you yesterday! I loved the photo blog. And the cupcake, too!

    I will find ways to distract myself once the test is done. One thing I don't do is "Black Friday" shopping. THAT seems like sheer torture....

    Feel good, Kel.

    Going to take a teeny nap and then get some more of my office stuff up to date...



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