Thursday, November 3, 2011


Today is all about three's.  I amused myself with one's on 11/1/11.  I found it amusing to see a comment on that entry which was posted on 11/2 @ 2:22.... That made yesterday two's day (even though it was actually Wednesday... say it aloud TOOOSAY)......

I'm fried.  It's weird in a scary "poetic" moment kinda way that I was called with news on Halloween.  News that just automatically equates to fright..... "more tests" ....   My logical mind knows two things.  My mom's scan is going to be normal.  My abnormal cells will be nothing when I finally get this test done (in three weeks).  I HAVE to put it out of my mind.  THREE weeks??!?!  I get it.

"IF this is a problem, it would be very slow moving so don't panic."

Easy for the person doing the talking to say that.  The listener?  Not so much.

In the spirit of Three's, I recall my very first post.  I remember poking fun at things in threes......  I remember bouncing all over the place with my thoughts.  I remember.... hell......  since I can't remember much, you might like to check it out for yourself if you're so inclined.....

My entry into the land of blogs....... just a little more than three months ago..... It's been forever in my mind and yet, I'm just beginning.... It's Anew Direction.  In Three Months.

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