Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Clearly, yesterday was a lousy day.

Lousy days just tend to lead to lousier nights.

Lousy nights are unpleasant just by themselves.

Being alone in a not so tiny home during a lousy night, Exponentially Unpleasant.

Enter:  Sleep Deprivation.

Soon following:  Delusional

Last night was just a lousy, lonely, unpleasant night.

At 6AM when I was still awake watching Law & Order looking for clues as to where each scene was shot, it was crystal clear today would be an unproductive day.

I'm not fighting it.  I'm going to bed.  I think I sufficiently stared down every personal issue presently on the table and then moved to Conrad Murray, some financial crisis in Greece, Occupy Wall Street (or Oakland or LA or wherever), an asteroid that is going to streak through the sky.....

Oh.... oh dear.  Joe Frazier.  Rest in peace.  Liver cancer.  This morning I read he was in hospice and just a moment ago, I see he's one more victim of this insidious disease we call cancer.

That does it for me.


  1. Here is motivational inspirational healing knitting joining-hands-in-a-circle thought for you - Yesterday may have felt like a lousy day, but in another sense, yesterday was a wonderful day because you helped someone out (me) and we remembered to take the time to make friends. Now we both have a new friend. Sun salutations! Love, Evelyn

  2. Evelyn,

    Yes, you are right! I made a new friend yesterday-YOU- and I am very happy about THAT! At the end of every day, sad, bad, mad, glad... they are all good days. Some days just exhaust me more than others... some irritate me.... some frighten me..... mostly, they are happy days. But yes, they are ALL good days. This blogging adventure was all about making a difference (it's tomorrow's required reading!). It has turned into something so much larger than anything I could have anticipated.... it is me finding "Anew Direction" and beginning anew....

    Coincidentally, it was with a little nudge (well, a big PUSH, imo) from Carmen...

    Carm, love to you and K-man!)

    Sun Salutations, indeed. Yoga in one hour!



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