Monday, May 13, 2013


For lack of a better word, I'm calling this an update.

Over the course of the past week, I've learned much.

Karen's reach is far and wide.  Her voice has graced so many blogs.  People have begun sharing links with me via email and on twitter.

There have been many visits to this blog because it has been shared in a number of other places.  Comments continue to be left on the original post.

I have placed two links (look left) that will remain on the home page of this blog for as long as necessary.  Those spaces belong to karen and to anyone who wishes to leave messages.

To those who have thanked me, I am deeply grateful for your kind words.

Please know, I did what each and every one of us who blogs would have done.  I reached out on behalf of someone this community so obviously loves, respects, cherishes......

The thanks belongs to each and every one of you.

I'm closing the comments on this post so that everything remains under the two original posts.  

I know karen continues to read the comments and she has replied to each and every one of them.  

I will be adding posts from other blogs to this page as I find them.

If there are blog posts that I miss, please email me (look left again).  If you have a blog post with a comments from karen that you would like included on this list so that "the comments" are in one place, email those, too and I will include the links on this list.

Thank you...  thanks to all of you... for the love that continues surround karen.

And, to my mom:  I love you....  Happy Mother's Day..... 

Blog Links:

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