Friday, May 24, 2013


This is a little lesson in the way construction companies operate.  When your role is a subcontractor, the electrician, the plumber, the carpenter, you bid on work.  Some of it you get, some of it you don't and mostly, you hope that the ten jobs you were awarded..... oh.... eight or nine months ago don't all "break" at the same time.

Three months out, it looks like the stars are aligned and everything is going to happen in a rather fluid fashion. Communication is ongoing and it's still all good.  Job A will be on June1,  Job B will begin on June 3, Job C estimate is June 10th.  On June 12, none of the jobs has commenced and by June 15th, all ten of them require manpower the next day.

It's a spin off of Murphy's Law.  Having work lined up is a good thing.  The timing?  A whole other story.  Juggle the crew, split shifts, see who can wait a day or two and hope it all doesn't come crashing down.

I'm a one woman show.  With chemobrain.  And passion.  And an awful lot to do.  Not entirely sure how it happened but it did.  Have you noticed haphazard posts and erratic timing?  Me too.  Are you waiting for an email reply or did I promise I'd help with something?  I swear, I'm doing my best to make sure nothing falls between the cracks.

I was in the midst of a project that was a bit time consuming, even more challenging and with a deadline that was misunderstood, miscommunicated or likely a combination of both.  Technically, I'm a day early.  Or, I'm eight days late. The project is done but it's swallowed me whole and spit me out.

Two days ago, I cleared up about 200 email messages.  Last night, there were 200 new messages.  Waiting.  It's all good. Today, I will get everything organized and I do mean everything.  My tax bill was paid online.  It was due by midnight, the payment went through at 2AM, the letter advising me to send the $97.00 penalty is sitting in a pile.  The $30.00 parking ticket?  Now $60.00.  Car inspection?  Six days left.  In my world, that's eternity.  I wish I were kidding.

Today, however I want to extend my thanks to everyone in the twitterverse for the beautiful messages that were left for me about the guest post I wrote for the new #BCSM blog.  The community has come to mean so much to me and from that community, I've developed many very strong relationships.  I cherish each and every one of them.  Thank you for the notes you left, thank you for reading and thank you Jody, Alicia and Dr. Attai for bringing us together.

Today, I also want to say thank you to the gang at the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation.  They hosted an event at a lovely venue in NYC yesterday.  It was a small gathering and it was absolutely wonderful to see Dr. Love back to her-no nonsense-spot on-explain the most complex science using visuals that everyone can understand--self.  No one commands a room the way she does.  And no one is better at engaging and entertaining an audience than the executive director of the foundation, the fabulous Naz Sykes.

It was an honor to be seated beside Dr. Love to share my own story and explain WHY I support the the Foundation.  If you haven't joined the Health of Women Study yet, now would be a good time.  We can't keep demanding other people to answer our questions if we aren't prepared to provide them some information to work with.  Make sense?  Of COURSE it does.

What a difference a year makes......  Just about a year ago, Susan Love was learning that she would join the other side... she was becoming one of us.  Sadly.  She was setting foot on the runaway train.  Yesterday, as she spoke, I couldn't help but smile (not haha, but in solidarity) every time I heard the word "chemobrain" cross her lips.

Gosh.... in less than two weeks, I can say I've got the body of Angelina Jolie and the brain of Susan Love.



  1. So great to see this, Anne Marie! Have a great holiday weekend, and rest up! Sound like you've got loads of work ahead. Thank you for everything you do, Elaine

  2. What a great picture, two superstars, working together. So glad for both of you. Sounds like you have a lot to do, but take some time for yourself over the long weekend, sip a glass of wine and kick off your beautiful shoes!!!!!
    Love from Texas

  3. I don't know how you do all that you do... but thank you! Love this post, love you...

  4. Maybe, since New York must be ripe with interns, you can find yourself an intern or virtual assistant to help sort those emails?! Too bad parking tickets and tax deadlines don't take into account awesomeness.

  5. dear annemarie,

    in this post i can hear your excitement. what a beautiful photo of you and susan love - must have been a wonderful experience getting to see the good doctor looking so well.

    hope you have a happy holiday week-end to do just what pleases you - you work so hard for us, and you deserve some time for relaxing and having fun. i love you.



  6. Great post, AnneMarie. So glad you got to sit next to Dr. Love. Love the photo!

  7. AWESOME! The photo is a great one. Having the brains of Dr. Love isn't too shabby! The #BCSM community means a lot to me, too. It is wonderful how supportive the group is, and I'm blessed to consider so many of you my friends.


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