Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I'm still in shock over what has happened since Friday evening when I received Karen's email.  I haven't had a moment to collect my thoughts to come up with anything that might resemble a coherent blog post.


Today must be about love.

Andrea Torres is (now was) a columnist for the Miami Herald.  She was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer at age 33. It was August of 2011, just days after I launched this blog and most certainly before I was active on twitter.

Yesterday, she sent out a message to the twitterverse:

I don't remember when I began to watch her tweets, but she wrote 59 columns in the Miami Herald chronicling everything from surgeries, to hospitals, to doctors, to friends who died, to dating, to chemobrain......  And what I suppose is her final piece for the Herald.  She has accepted a new job and....

Just read this, her last column......  It will put a smile on your face.

Then, it's all about Jennie GRRRRRRIMES.  She poured her heart and soul into her words and shared it with the world. Jennie's love letter to her Big C.  That will tug at every one of your heartstrings.  Click. Read.

And Love.



  1. Downstate AM did you see that Kristy LeMond died last week??

    1. I didn't see this. I don't know if I every crossed paths with Kristy but I just found her blog. This all makes me sick to my stomach.

      Time for a big damn push.... I've really watched enough to last ten lifetimes..... The anger (especially at young lives cut short) fuels the fire.....

      Talk later....


  2. I love Love, it saves me over and over and over again. ~Catherine

  3. Yes indeed, it should be all about love! Well done, my friend.


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