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There was a twitter eruption last night. I never heard of this man... Burzynski, the fraud. Actually, I'd never heard of either man, not the snake oil salesman or the whistle blower who wrote this blog. Thanks to Xeni for tweeting me his name. Bob Blaskiewicz has the story straight. SHAME ON any PBS affiliate for promoting the sale of snake oil. I'll never move from this position: Those who promote this crap have as much blood on their hands as the people selling it. And thanks to @IamBreastCancer whose name is shown as Quidama for using the bat signal #bcsm in the twitterverse while this sham was being aired....She asked where all the bloggers were as she was watching PBS. I replied and got sucked into the vortex when I replied, "I am RIGHT here." Blood pressure going through the roof with every click of another link.

Geez... besides this pissing me off....

Today is mom's treatment day.  And, it's snowing.  This crap better turn to rain real quick.  I'm not liking these weather issues AT ALL.

Here's the reblog which didn't quite make it here as seamlessly as I'd hoped.
And here's my own rant about snake oil.....

Snake Oil with a side of Suzanne Somers

Burzynski Movie to Air on Public Television? 

Get a physician on during pledge breaks!

On March 7th, PBS station CBT12 in Colorado is going to air the hagiographic Burzynski: Cancer is Big Business. CBT12 is notorious for using conspiracy theories to raise money at pledge time. It’s a cheap tactic. Last year, they aired the AE911 Truth movie during pledge week. It’s lucrative. Most conspiracy theorists, while they openly distrust mainstream media outlets, seem to yearn for the respectability that comes from being broadcast on them. And when their stories appear on CPT12, and I say this because the station continues to push this garbage, it seems that the conspiracy theorists reward the station.

I have come to expect the exploitation of ignorance on the part of CPT12. When it’s a truther movie, well, it makes PBS look bad, but that’s about it. But this movie has led so many people into Burzynski’s clutches, gotten so many patients entangled in his unpublishable trials and quack “gene therapy”, that I can say with a high degree of confidence that CPT12 is BANKING ON ITS VIEWERS’ LIVES.

Worse, at the breaks in the film, Eric Merola, the guy who contacted my employer in December, will be appearing alongside a spokesperson for the clinic to talk to the station’s fundraising director. This is unacceptable. Nonetheless, CPT12 has taken down misleading alt med propaganda before, so it is worth taking a strong stand and lobbying that they follow precedent and take this down.

Most importantly, one should contact Colorado state legislators who are also cancer survivors and alert them to this upcoming travesty, including state senator and esophageal cancer survivor Rollie Heath ( 866-4872, fax: (303) 866-4543) and state representative and breast cancer survivor Dianne Primavera (

You might also contact the station, and demand that they either change their schedule or have an independent physician appear with Burzynski’s toadies. You know, because it’s a medical issue and a movie director and PR guy can’t add anything meaningful to the discussion.

Shari Bernson (she’s the host between breaks)
Director of Development
Willard “Wick” D. Rowland, Jr
President & CEO
Station:  (303) 296-1212
Toll-Free:  1-800-727-8812
Fax:  (303) 296-6650

Also, please register a complaint with the PBS ombudsman about the movie being aired at all and this weird little station’s repeated tarnishing of the name of public broadcasting:

We are making only reasonable, responsible requests. PLEASE follow through and contact the station and the PBS ombudsman.


  1. Thank you thank you for posting this. His clinic is here In Houston and shutting him down hasn't been successful. Those who are interested injune quack should visit and type in his name. In fact, that blog is worth a visit any time.


    1. One of my favorite websites..... I hear Larry Norton, MD (MSKCC doctor whom I admire tremendously, "Show Me The Data" ..... That's his response to EVERYTHING ... which is not to say he discounts whatever is NOT proven, but PUBLISH something. To have 60 or more trials in the clinical database and not one single publication speaks volumes. And it says just one word, simply: Murderer.

      This stuff makes my blood boil.. No kidding...

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.. Happy weekend.


  2. Hot nerve you just touched. Here's where much of the problem begins:

    Be sure to read the other cancer-related information on the site. It'll make you crazy. AFAIC, Mercola is a menace, but now that Dr. Oz has given him a certain amount of legitimacy, there's no stopping him.

    I read this the other day. Nothing to do with Burzynski, except to the extent that it's one more way to kill oneself:

    There's so much of it out there, and there's no way to put a stop to it.

    1. Thanks, Rhonda!! Don't EVEN get me started on Oz..... He needs to get back behind the curtain. He is aptly named....

      We can just keep calling it out when we see it..... They will always be out there... you are right... And I'll just keep hollerin'

      Hugs, my friend....

  3. AnneMarie thank you for posting this. I sent a complaint to PBS and am checking all of this out. I love your comment to Rhonda about Oz and the curtain! As always great information. Hugs to you, your mom and your family! Hope the weather warms up! XoXoXo - Susan

    1. LOVE it.... complaint to PBS. This is the way we get things done... by using a collective voice!

      :) on the Oz comment!!

      Great weekend, Susan....

      Hugs to you!


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