Thursday, March 7, 2013


The stars must be perfectly aligned.  I've managed to come up with a system that appears it will work for my paper world. I've already mastered the phone for all appointments, calls and anything else that is on a schedule.  Dropbox makes sure I don't lose document changes and even in power outages, I have my iPad and an LTE connection.  It's all good.

EXCEPT, the internet stuff.  I had a blogroll on the side of this page until several weeks ago.  It got too long so I moved it to a page.  It's up in the banner.  There are tons of bloggers who I now consider to be my friends.  I check in on them.

We do our shout-outs on twitter, our hang outs on Facebook or G+, but we visit in our rooms, our private spaces, our blogs.  When I visit a blog, I try to let my buddy know I stopped by.  Comments.  Or, some of them have "like" buttons underneath their posts.  Sometimes, I will share the blog on the twitter feed.

Much of that fell by the wayside when the blogroll got moved to the page.  You see, the blogroll was an awesome tool.  It rearranged itself so I could see when someone wrote something new.  I could click and visit.  Now, I have RSS feeds coming to my already overloaded email box.  Or, if there was no feed, I had a whole bunch of blogs I was following across a number of different platforms.  Not good for a chemobrain.  Too many places to check and ultimately, I checked NONE. My email box(es), there are two, are already a disaster without adding the feeds.  Going to several different sites to see who posted an update wasn't working either.

Enter, Marie.  @JBBC Marie... who has the most spectacular blog at Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer posted something on twitter about organizing social media.  Specifically, the site that is going to be most helpful for me?  Feedly!

I just added my blog buddies to the Feedly site and they arrange themselves in post order!  The site does a ton of other stuff but I haven't had time to explore enough.  I want to add some of the medical journals and a few others things I like to check but I have to learn a bit more about the site.  I have a Skype lesson scheduled for next week.  I plan on going through the tutorials.

I like playing around on and vizify.  I just discovered something called rebelmouse and of course, there's pinterest. And I must say thank you to the gang at Team Inspire sending me a tweet that included this pinned on a board that they call "inspiring people in health care."  I was unbelievably flattered.  

Back to that Skype lesson and those tutorials so I can catch up with all my friends.  I've missed much but I think I'll be giving major credit to the gang at FEEDLY for helping me get this final piece of the puzzle together.  I do believe that's on a post it note (see yesterdays post, duh). And you will see me visiting your "rooms" in no time at all.  As soon as I can remember how to use Skype......


  1. I listened to you.

    Now I'm reading my feed instead of vacuuming my floor...doing laundry...dusting....

    It's all your fault.

  2. I am just tickled pink (oops!) that this was helpful to you. I get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of blogs I want to keep up with each week, and the list keeps growing. So I am always on the look out for new platforms to help me streamline the experience.


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