Thursday, March 21, 2013

BELATED THANKS @ScarvesDotNet & @givoly

The thanks are overdue because I've been overextended.

First and foremost, a big thank you to the gang at Scarves Dot Net (SDN).  Their online store is filled with tons of beautiful scarves and I've become a scarf lover.  I've learned that just a few cotton T shirts in some fairly basic colors can easily morph into a sizable wardrobe with the addition of some colorful scarves.  I've also learned how to transform a basic black dress with a neckline just a tad too low to be suitable for business.  A scarf and a black jacket by day transforms into quite the little black dress with a great pair of smokin' hot shoes for that day to night thing everyone always talked about and I could never quite grasp!

SDN recently launched Knots for Hope in a separate area of their website.  It's filled with links to many terrific resources: books, websites offering practical support, blogs (including this one which is quite humbling and for which I am most grateful), videos on how to tie a headscarf and a section where they have interviewed a number of of people for their SDN Spotlight.  I am honored to be their sixth interviewee and even more honored to have my interview coincide with the official launch of Knots for Hope.  I'm thrilled to be in the company of Ann (But Doctor I Hate Pink) Silberman,
Nancy('s Point) Stordahl, Angelo (The Battle We Didn't Choose) Merendino, Barbara (Let Life Happen) Jacoby, and Jacki (My Breast Cancer Blog) Donaldson.

I feel a bit out of my league..... thank you AGAIN, SDN and I hope you will read some of the interviews.  It's always validating to see my story in a different venue and I am always especially impressed with any site that is able to round up so many resources and put them all in one place.  Knots for Hope is well done, indeed!

Thanks, Part Two
is for Tal Givoly.  I was in NYC last week and as it turns out, so was Tal.  We barely had half an hour for a quick cup of coffee.  Tal is the CEO of Medivizor and he shares his passion for this start-up on his blog.  Shift your eyes to the right, click the link if you want to join (which I highly recommend).  If you want to read more about the company, (this would be Thank You, Part Three) e-patient Dave wrote about Medivizor and he mentioned this blog.  He has some serious street cred so I'm quite thankful that he felt my write up about Medivizor was worthy of a link in his piece.

Back to Tal.  I wasn't quite finished with that thank you.  Although I quite possibly did NOT thank him for the latte, I was floored when I sat at the table and he reached down to put a basket of flowers in front of me.  "These are for your mom." She hasn't stopped talking about the beautiful yellow roses in the basket.  You see, when my youngest sister was born, mom was in the hospital on Mother's Day.  I remember my dad bringing the rest of us (that would be her four OTHER kids) to wave to her from the street.  I was ten, little kids were forbidden from setting foot inside a hospital and having a baby required a minimum three night stay.  And my dad brought her two dozen yellow roses.....  the basket meant more than Tal could have known when he selected it.

She's probably going to have tears streaming when she reads this, but I know she took one of those yellow roses to my dad's grave the day after her party.  So, Tal.... thank you from me... and thank you most of all, from mom.

More thanks are on the way but I don't want anyone's thank you to get lost so I've imposed a two (plus one) thank you limit per post ......  I've been distracted and we all know why.

Scans are done.  Expect the doctor will be calling today to discuss if anything will be adjusted on the medication front. Keep the good thoughts flowing.  The waiting will never be easy and the waiting will always SUCK.  And suddenly, I am thrown back almost seven years ago when I stepped on to this runaway train.  The very excellent MSKCC radiologist who told me to be my own advocate dispensed a second pearl of wisdom in that same moment.  "There's lots of waiting in all of this and the waiting is pretty awful."  The things I didn't understand, the things I couldn't possibly understand until I was on the path myself...... now?  Crystal Clear.  Absolutely Accurate.  On Every Count.....


  1. If only every radiologist would impart that wisdom. I don't think it would make the waiting any easier, but at least we'd know that someone understands. I hope your sweet mom is smelling those roses right now.

  2. I am glad there is one radiologist who understands. I just chewed on my oncologist because I had a scan on March 7 and he waited until the 19th to tell me the results. Positive results for the most part but who cares when you have to wait that long.

  3. I've never been a patient person, but have been worse about waiting ever since my diagnosis. Why it takes so damn long in this age of great technology is beyond me. I have my fingers and toes crossed that your Mom gets a good report. Meanwhile - hang in there!! xoxo


  4. ME AGAIN...

    HER LIVER is clear. Bone area appears to be less active. That's all for now. And that's all I NEED for now....


  5. AnneMarie- We are more than honored to have you! Thank you for being such an amazing person! Our hearts and well wishes go out to your mom ♥ Bethany- SDN

  6. AnneMarie,
    I was deeply touched by your note thanking me. In fact, I must admit that I was a bit choked when reading it to my wife. There was no way I could have imagined this small gesture would have such significance. I was happy to meet you face to face, albeit so briefly. You are doing great things that are helpful to many and it's a work of love and passion for you. You can certainly feel the warmth and support this brings from many. Keep up the amazing work. From all of us at Medivizor, we are thankful for all the help you are providing us by being one of our early heroines and spreading the word about us, and also providing us invaluable feedback to improve our service.
    All the best to you and your mom!


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