Tuesday, September 4, 2012


What great fun I had last week looking at some spectacular photographs.  So many shared their own slice of ordinary and as the blogs began criss-crossing like a perfectly choreographed ballet, my mind kept going to one word:


When I hear that word, I don't visualize a tapestry where there is any recognizable form like a sunflower or a beautiful seascape.  I see threads of many colors colliding together to form a visual delight.  I see knots in the fabric.  Holes that may have been created by some sort of life crisis, repaired with other threads.  Those knots add to the character and beauty of the tapestry.

My tapestry has grown more in the past year than it has in the ten year prior.  And perhaps even the ten before that.  The most wondrous threads are those added through the friendships forged here.  Online.  Via this blog.  Through the comments.  From the emails I receive.  And the energy that is twitter.  Make no mistake, all of this IS an energy.  And it's special.

Last Friday, I had a delightful visit with an online friend.  She's now an offline friend, too.  Catherine, who blogs at Bumpy Boobs mentioned she was going to be visiting New York.  I "mentioned" there was no way she was coming through this town without a tweet-up.  On Friday, we sat in a little cafe in Brooklyn and I must say, I'm smitten.  She's beautiful and she's accomplished and she's genuine and I am positively thrilled that we were able to enjoy some real world time, even if it was entirely too short!

As the tapestry continues to grow through these online connections, so many of them have gone "Real World" and so many others, while still "virtual" have grown into deep friendships.  I know where I can turn to share my joy and I know where I can turn in a time of fear or when I just feel like the weight of the world has appeared at my door and is a bit crushing.

We email, we IM, we text, we talk, we Skype and when everything lines up perfectly, we get to sit together sipping tea like I did on Friday with Catherine.  Or we share a meal like I did a couple of weeks ago with one of my twitter pals who lives in NYC.  Or we plan for a meeting because I just learned that a friend of a friend lives about two miles from my home.

Mostly, when the word tapestry comes to mind, I hear the beautifully melodic voice of Carole King, "My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue, an everlasting vision of the ever changing view...."

My tapestry continues to grow and just like Carole sings, the view is always changing.  And with each change, it becomes more beautiful.

Carole King Tapestry Album Cover | Carole King Album Covers

I suppose, technically, this is my Day Seven grand finale of the Ordinary Celebration!  I might suggest you take a peek at the link to Catherine's blog.  I'm talking tapestry and .... never you mind... there's still a sync thing going on.....  LOOK.... Now!  YES, right NOW...  HERE

I'm on emotional overload.  I'm trying to stay as ZEN as I can.  It's September....  We are approaching Pink Mania.  I need to latch on to every zen moment that I can.  I can't burn out.  There is much to do.  I'm rolling up my sleeves.  I hope you are, too!  Super Snark Wise Ass will be back shortly.  I Promise.


  1. Anne Marie:
    Have had a little more time over the past few days to read your postings. I've always enjoyed them, but the travelling pants brought tears to my eyes. What a story. I think about what I would have done had there been the opportunity for me to blog when I was undergoing my treatment, but I was first diagnosed in 1990, way before anyone even thought of the word "blog". How wonderful (and cathartic?) it must be to be able to write about your experiences and those of others. You and the other bloggers have shared so much. Those of us that read these blogs are all better for it. So keep up the wonderful efforts - and please bring back Super Snark Wise Ass. I love that girl and can really relate to her!!!

    Love ya!
    Ellen xoxo

    1. Ellen,

      Wise ass-ish will return tomorrow..... I didn't begin blogging until I was five years post diagnosis. Yes, cathartic... and absolutely helps me to cope (and deal) with some unresolved issues. Sometimes it seems things don't surface until the words begin to flow.....

      I love the traveling pants.... It was bittersweet for me but what a beautiful thing Shannon started.



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