Thursday, August 25, 2011


Yesterday, it was Carole King.  The day before it was Ashford and Simpson.  I’m doing a mental sing along even as I write.  And, for these sing alongs, no need for the silly bouncing ball.

I feel the earth    MOVE   under my feet      I feel the sky tumblin’ down……  I feel my heart start to tremblin’    whenever you’re around…..

Q:  The moving earth? 
A:  The VA quake? 

Q:  The tumbling sky?
A:   Irene. 

Q:  The trembling heart?? 
A:  Tough one, I think it’s more like my nerves trembling.  My heart is beating just fine and is in tact, too.

Q:  whenever WHO is around???
A:  (this line intentionally left blank) 

And a day before Carol?  Nick and Valerie:  Found …. FOUND a cureLove will fix it….

Q:  CURE? 
A:  WHERE is the cure??  (It’s taking too long…..  )

Q:  Love WILL fix it?
A:  Dr. Susan Love! 

Oh, I like this already!!!

Don’t Take Away My MUSIC, it’s the only thing I got, it’s my piece of….   (my sanity?)

On a couple of occasions I think I referred to “my iGoogle page” and all of the content that comes up every time I go online.  It’s my home page and I customized all of the boxes so I can see, for example, the freakin phase of the moon because that is VITAL information for me to have in order to function.  The beach of the day box always manages to calm me down for about 12 seconds.  The weather widget (allow me to direct your attention to yesterday’s entry and my OCD over the weather) and a widget from the US Postal Service so I can track packages. (I’m picking up on a theme worthy of further exploration in this need to track things-storms and boxes in the US Postal system.) 

The rest of the page is filled with widget boxes containing various types of information.  I must say it’s very organized.  Tech news from a few trusted sites in one box (Sprint and iPhone 5 in October, fyi-and just as I was ready to post, the news that Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO which makes me sad to see) and all the news that’s fit to print in a few other boxes.  Then, I have the medical boxes and the health boxes.  Rounding out the page are the various news organizations, NONE of whom, I might add had anything posted at 2PM Tuesday when My Communication Compass sent me the “Earthquake!” text.

I have the widget for the NEJM prominently displayed at the top but it may be swapped with a different medical site.  Medical News Today is a GREAT source of information as it publishes studies on all sorts of things and the studies are coming from labs all over the world.  It’s a widget of its own and it contains the titles of newly published articles. 

Is it necessary for me to mention the number of times I have bounced from this document to that iGoogle page to be certain I am providing an accurate and thorough description?  Let’s just say, I’ve already been diverted TWICE.  How can you NOT click something with a title like THIS:
Man Whose Penis was Cut Off Loses Lawsuit.
The title elicits an immediate chuckle but the article quickly put a stop to the chuckle.  Cancer.
Or, thank you NPR for THIS:
When Forgetfulness Needs Medical Attention.

Over the past couple of days I have been singing very old songs.  Not REALLY singing, but singing in my head singing.  (the word “singing” … very difficult….  ing followed by another ing… ummm, yeah, not happenin’  had to untranspose “sign” to “sing” about five times and then really look closely at the words).  I don’t do A Cappella solos.  Not even if I am alone.  I am more of a sing along kinda girl (that would be to distinguish my sex….  the days of “girl” are gone… “mature woman” is more accurate but there’s no SNAP to that and it’s too long).

When I saw the iGoogle news about Nick Ashford, I IMMEDIATELY began to sing “Found A Cure” even though that was not their most famous song.  I remembered the melody, the lyrics and his partner’s name.  When the earth moved and the jokes were flying, not only was I singing “I feel the earth move under my feet,” but I started to go through a few verses of Tapestry, It’s Too Late, You’ve Got a Friend, Where You Lead.  I could see Carol King’s image in my mind and I could describe the jacket for the Tapestry album. 

I am flabbergasted.  Not a few bars of a long forgotten song, the WHOLE song.  And with Carol King, ALL of those songs just emerged from who knows where, playing on the record player in my head.  I was my own personal juke box.  Walking around or sitting down while my head moved from side to side to keep the tempo in MY BRAIN.  Actually, my head became that bouncing ball. 

I’m multi-tasking away (which in reality means, I just jumped from one paper to the next and absolutely nothing was accomplished, AT ALL) and for whatever reason, I have to get online for something.  And it wasn’t FB or Twitter.  (Yes, I am my own worst enemy, jump into another distraction.  I’m tweeting.)  It was to get information or look up something WORK related.  And I am certain, I did none of that either.  The Medical News Today box (which is kinda crappy today) contained an article with the title:

“Where We Store Well Know Tunes In the Brain Located – Right Anterior Temporal Lobe.”

Stopped me dead in my tracks and who could blame me??  Even if I wasn’t siNGing, I would have immediately clicked that link.  Anything to do with “brain” and my fingers are flying solo and on auto pilot, too!  As I’m getting the link, all I am thinking is that I want to start using this “right anterior temporal lobe” IMMEDIATELY.

This is the solution to CB!  How do I sign up to have that anterior lobe thing redirected to take over for the slacker part of my brain that is turning everything into utter chaos?  That "right thingee" in MY brain is ON FIRE.  Musically, I’m definitely MENSA material.

The study is from neuroscientists in an Australian research lab.  These scientists, along with scientists all over the world are “mapping the brain” and they believe as they build a more detailed map, they may be able to understand how to repair the damage that occurs in dementia.

How is it that THE organ the scientists understand least, is the one that controls the most?  It’s very simple.  The brain is one very complicated organ.

Right now, I’m fighting that NPR piece.  The tagline that FORCED me to detour earlier?  I have all the symptoms that fit into that “require medical attention” category.  There goes the OCD…..

Another day, Another distraction……..

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