Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The top of my head is about to explode.  I had an entry all ready to go.  It was a rough draft that I edited AND SAVED.  I am meticulous about saving as I go although, I got a bit complacent when I realized my computer is smarter than me and is doing this "autosave" thing every bunch of seconds.

I am too tired to try to locate the document which I presume is hidden somewhere on my hard drive. I know it's there because I am CERTAIN I saved it.  I remember the box coming up when I closed the document prompting me to save my changes.  The computer is messing with my head and quite frankly, my head already had its fair share today.

I turned my entire home into a complete shambles looking for my passport. I'm not leaving the country any time soon and last I checked, I wasn't being asked to surrender the thing to the authorities.  I don't think I'm a flight risk although I am ready to run away from home.  

Tomorrow will be spent cleaning up every single room in this house.  Picture a crazed lunatic leaning into a cabinet just tossing things over her shoulder.  Now, repeat that mental picture in closets, dresser drawers, more closets, other storage cabinets, book shelves.......Finally located the damn passport-in the very spot where I began my search.  It was right under my nose.

I will learn a lesson from this self created chaos.  Had I bothered to take just sixty lousy seconds and move a few things aside, I would have located the passport folder without incident.  Instead, I worked myself into a state of full blown panic and semi-hysteria.  No work got done today.  Ditto tomorrow.  In fact, tomorrow, when I am stuck inside cleaning up what appears to be a war zone, maybe I'll find a way to reinforce this "take a breath" approach.  

Come to think of it, tomorrow when I wake up, there's a good chance I won't even remember HOW the house got into such a shambles.

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