Friday, March 20, 2015


So, what's a Thunderclap. It's a social media blitz. What exactly are you joining? You aren't joining anything. You are quite simply clicking on that little button that says "Join This Thunderclap" so your voice may be heard.

The power of social media is to amplify a message. Both twitter and Facebook track those little thingees known as hashtags (which still remind me of tic tac toe boards). If the hashtag happens to be used enough, it's "trending." Now, I can still recall hearing someone on a TV show say something about some trending nonsense and I had NO clue what it meant. Now, I know.

When big news happens, want to know what's going on in real time? RUN to twitter. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. And do not end up in twitter jail (for my tweeps who overblitz twitter). Trending is what happens when lots and lots AND lots more people are talking about the same thing. There's a list on the side of the screen that shows "trending" topics.

So now you joined the Thunderclap. What will happen? At precisely 3PM on April 8th, when METAvivor is having their kickoff party in Annapolis, everyone who "joined" the thunderclap will have a message sent from their twitter or Facebook account at the exact same time. The brains behind Thunderclap will send the tweet or post to Facebook.

I get it. Some of you are sketchy about allowing others to post to your timelines. This is a one shot deal. They only post if you join. They only post one time. And they only post to the specific thunderclap you joined. They aren't posting every time someone decides to create a thunderclap.

You are not giving up your password. They aren't getting your personal information. It's just a way of having the #C2C4MBC hashtag hit twitter with such force that we may get it trending for a couple of moments. And maybe, a few people will look and say, "Hey, what's that thing?" And then, maybe METAvivor will pick up a few more supporters.

So, whaddaya say? Join the thunderclap? If 250 people don't join, they don't send any of the tweets or posts. Considering the amount of people on twitter and Facebook who are supporting METAvivor, surely we can exceed my 250 person goal by hundreds!

Questions? Feel free to ask away and I'll be happy to answer. Understand already? Then click the button and let's get this party started. OH, and if you happen to have both a twitter and a FB account. You can support in both places. And I think it counts for two since it's posting in two places.

Get going... click here, it will take you to the page and then click, click and done.
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