Tuesday, March 24, 2015


They say a picture is worth 1000 words.

This picture is worth a million laughs. It's Upstate/Downstate. The two Ann(e)Marie's. We had a great time bringing the patient voice to LyfeBulb Social Club event.

LyfeBulb isn't just about cancer. It's about many chronic conditions and illnesses.

Tuesday night it was about supportive care therapies and the therapies available to improve the quality of life for cancer patients. Before, during and beyond, supportive care is an essential element for everyone affected by the words, "You have cancer," whether spoken to you or to a loved one. Being thrust into the unenviable role of caregiver is hard. Watching from the sidelines is hard. I know. I've worn both hats. Finding proper support should not be hard.

Upstate was invited to speak. At some point, she had me tag along. I was her sidekick. And then I was at her side sharing my thoughts about the importance of support, especially for those with metastatic disease.

What a great evening. What an honor to share the stage with her and what a great time we had at Swing 46. Since I don't want to leave anyone out, since I enjoyed the company of every single person I spent even five minutes with, I'll let Upstate share the names of those who were at the event.

And I'll just say that this selfie was long overdue!!

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  1. Looks like there might be another person in that picture?? Off to the right? Who could it be ;)


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