Monday, November 11, 2013


I don't keep up on awareness months.  Personally, I'd prefer a more unified approach to the many diseases that are under the cancer umbrella.  After seeing all of the attention in October and the fact that any mention of the word ribbon or the sight of anything pink means just one thing: Breast Cancer I can't help but compare.

It's lung cancer awareness month.  November.  I read a few other things that we are supposed to be aware of this month but for starters, shouldn't we be aware year round.  People don't only get cancer or die of their cancer in the assigned month.  It's a daily event.

However, there is a need to bridge the gap on behalf of the lung cancer patients.  Yes, those with other cancers are stigmatized and may be embarrassed to discuss the nature of their disease.  But, there is no other cancer for which blame is so easily assessed and judgement is immediately passed.

Irrespective of how or why it anyone gets a disease, this is disgraceful.  It's not about the cigarettes, it's about our lungs. No one shared that with a more powerful voice than Lauren Terrazzano.  If you don't know who Lauren is, you should click that link and learn more about her.

I read this story with great sadness. Alexandria Misnik-Gasior was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer.  This is normally the situation.  Late Diagnosis.  When hers was diagnosed, according to the story, it was throughout her entire body.

Her one request?  No mention of the words "Lung Cancer" should be included in her obituary.  The stigma.  She didn't want the stigma to be attached to her life, her legacy and follow her into her grave at the tender age of 24.

(If the link doesn't work, try googling her name and the name of the journalist who wrote the story for the Philly Burbs, J.D. Millane.)

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  1. Thank you for sharing Alexandria's story. It is definitely one that I will share.

  2. dear Anne Marie,

    thank you for the link to Alexandria's story, and for continuing to sound the alarm about lung cancer. so many questions, so few answers. we with BC understand...and it is good that we can reach out to the patients their families to lend what help we can to them.

    much love and light,

    Karen X O X O X O X


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