Thursday, October 31, 2013


The new address should work.  The shoe is gone :(  If anyone can figure out how to get it back, I'm all ears.  It's taken three days, many phone calls and each time I do something like this, I learn a few tricks.

If anyone is having a problem, well, you won't be seeing this to let me know you are having a problem which, I suppose is its very own little problem.  I've checked this in Safari, Firefox and Chrome.  The only thing I don't have on my laptop is Internet Explorer so I am clueless about its functionality on IE.

Now, down to business.  This month has seen a ton of YUK.  However, I must be fair and I must be honest.  I'm not anti-pink.  I'm appreciative of the companies who have stepped up and raised money for breast cancer education, care and (what matters lots to me) research.

For profit companies are not in the business of charity.  They are in the business of making money so I am thankful for their efforts.  Yes, I hear you.  Tax write offs, good will on the back of a disease but it's a two way street.  If their efforts have resulted in funds that were not there before and would not be there if not for their "ribbon" campaigns, I'm grateful. To those whose bottom lines were egregiously padded, shame on them.  Next year, there will be less pink and an even greater understanding of how we can speak with our wallets.  Hopefully.

And THEN, there are those things that have been utterly ridiculous.  Over the top.  Stupid.  The Osocio site refers to this as #pinkverts.  I like it.  Nice ring.

Here is a recap of the things that I found to be a bit much as we bid adieu to October.

These are the ghouls, the ghosts and the goblins.

In no particular order and I know I'm missing many... I give you....

The creepy and the spooky....

As we usher in the month of November, the only thing I'm going to say?

WHITE is officially the new pink.

It's Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

Will there be a White Ribbon adorning The White House.  Because frankly, if there isn't, I'm going to be highly offended. It's precisely this type of stuff that has made me feel like my disease, our disease, is the bully of all disease.

The lung cancer community could use our support.  I'm in.

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  1. I'm glad I missed most of these. I did follow your links. Apparently the drag doctors raised $1,400 for research.

    1. I'm a magnet for this stuff. What I don't manage to stumble on all by myself, I definitely have others pointing me to things: "Hey, did you see this????" As for that last item on my list... yeah... that was EMAILED TO ME..... directly by the company doing the selling. I don't understand how I get on these lists but my computer definitely thinks I'm a guy and I have a ton of rich people looking to give me money. Every day!

  2. Wall of shame - good round up. I like your idea of supporting lung cancer. We know about the smoking link, but what about others who get it with no links to smoking? What is the cause there? Anyhow - I am glad you are sending out your support. Great post! ~Catherine.

    1. :) Thanks Catherine....

      If they could get just one percent of the recognition that was thrown toward breast cancer in October, things might begin to change.


  3. Can I add one more to this list? I keep getting Facebook ads for The Bradford Exchange, which sells jewelry and apparel all gussied up with PINK. I decided to message them and ask what percentage of each sale of these items goes to breast cancer research. I stated that good hearted people pay top dollar to buy this stuff thinking they're helping and they deserve to know where their dollars are going. They answered that it would be an invasion of privacy to divulge that.....they said to date (what date?) they have donated a million dollars to 'cancer'.....and that they team up with Komen. In other words, BS. I replied that they were just another company using cancer as a marketing tool. Yikes.....I have my advocate hat on! Happy Halloween.

    1. GOOD FOR YOU, Elaine!!! People simply need to ask and it's NOT an invasion of privacy to ask. In fact, in NYS, there are a set of best practices for total transparency.

      We will take on Bradford exchange at some point in the future....... in the very near future....

      Hugs and Happy Halloween!


  4. absolutely, i'm right there with you to support research for lung cancer. I still remember patient's anguish with the awful stigma of that dreadful disease being foisted on them when I was a hospice nurse; I always refused to ask the question in the initial assessment, "are you/were you a smoker?". I figured by the time the person got to hospice, it was irrelevant - they needed compassion and understanding, not another invasive question.

    I got to you via internet explorer - and the shoe is still there! love it! happy Halloween.

    much love and light (jack-o-lanterns tonight)

    Karen xxxxxxxooooooo

    1. You are so kind and compassionate and just all around wonderful, I can see you as a hospice nurse. Your caring soul comes through in every word.

      Also, you made my day... big shout out to MS Internet Explorer for not losing my shoe!!!!

      Love and light and lucky sevens, too...



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