Friday, November 16, 2012


I never dabble in religion or politics on this blog and I don't plan on backing away from that position.  There is, however, a crisis in our government.  It's something that each and every one of us who is passionate about medical research should know and understand.

The big sound bite since the day after the election is the so called "fiscal cliff."  Frankly, the focus on this fiscal cliff thing is pissing me off.  First of all, it has a name.  It's called sequestration and it's something that is going to impact research in this country unless something happens before congress closes up shop.  It's going to effect a bunch of other things too, but as an advocate/activist, I'll stick with the line items that are consistent with this blog.

It's not a question of something that could happen or might happen.... it's something that is happening.. that WILL happen unless the folks in DC act quickly.  I don't pay enough attention to details these days but I saw this several weeks ago and frankly, I was very upset that this was not being discussed by the talking heads in the run up to the election.

In a past life, I could grasp much of this despite my inability to fully understand all of the underlying economics.  Now? Use a word like "debt ceiling" and I'm glancing at the sheetrock above my head for some extra fancy woodwork and cutouts.... in other words, a ceiling that cost so much to construct, someone went into big debt in order to achieve aesthetic perfection.  Eye candy for those times one is on their back staring into space.  And I would be wrong.

I doubt I can explain this in a way that anyone will understand.  I seem to recall attempting a blogpost about this before Sandy stole far too much time from my life.  Margaret Anderson, the executive director of a group called Faster Cures wrote a blogpost about this mess.  The link is here and I strongly suggest you click and read.

They have set up a special Sequestration Station on their website.  If this all reads like Aramaic, I suggest you read the FAQ's which explain what this is, how is happened and what must be done to avert this cliff diving nonsense.  If you don't read ANYTHING ELSE this entire weekend, please read those FAQ's.  We must compel our representatives to avert what is going to be a devastating blow to research.

There are several campaigns taking place at the moment.  As I was writing this piece, I see that today, Friday, there is a major push in social media to bring this to light.  Participate.   Check the Save Research campaign  and sign the petition so OUR government knows we need CURES NOT CUTS.

Like the pages on Facebook.  There are a few:

Faster Cures

Time Equals Lives

Research America

Tweet away using #SaveResearch or #CuresNotCuts or #TimeEqLives.

Today, I'll be tweeting to all of the politicos using the #SaveResearch hashtag.

I hope to be part of a huge twit storm.

This shit matters folks.  It really REALLY matters.....


  1. This doesn't read like Aramic in the least. You've posted good information on a vital topic. Thank you!



    1. As one who shares my passion for research, thanks for the encouragement!!! Without research, there would be no SABCS...... Pushing ONWARD for meaningful change. No time for politics to get in the way!!!

      Thanks, Jody


  2. dear anne marie,

    thank you so much for all your effort to inform us on this really important issue. because you did such a great job in this post, first by alerting us about sequestration/deficit/cliff matters with such clarity and passion, then providing a road map to the various sites where there was comprehensive info, it made it very easy to send the messages to the president and my state representitives. hugh will be joining me in this same effort and send letters as well.

    gratefully, and with love to you, my fearless friend

    karen, TC

    1. kTC,

      I've missed you and I'm glad to be somewhat "normal" post Sandy. Thank YOU for letting me know this made sense and that the links were able to be used easily. Hope you are well....

      I know I saw a comment on the storm photos but I've been having a few too many things happening at once and I have to go back and re-read everything.

      I believe the gratitude belongs to me.... I can't tell you what it means to know you took action. I am so thankful for your support and your encouragement.

      MUCH love always,



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