Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I have lots of organizations that I love and admire and I am always ready and willing to support them in any way I can. One of the last emails (can someone give me proper grammar on the plural of email, please???) I read before I dropped off the planet was from DSLRF.  They are continuing awareness beyond October.  That's an idea whose time is long overdue.  The breast cancer "party" happens in October but the real work is 24/7, 365 days.  I have to find that email.  I want to join the #30Reasons campaign.  It's on the Army of Women Blog.

One of the very last things I did before falling off the face of the earth was the chat with WEGO Health.  That was on the heels of the invitation to join them at the meeting with Novartis.  I shared those events in a blogpost.  Today, I'm inviting all of you to join me in submitting nominations for the 2012 Wego Health Activist Awards.  I am an official Award Ambassador.  I like titles.  Ambassador Chemobrainfog.  It has a rather nice ring.  Makes me feel rather important, too. I've been trusted to share an important message.

In a nutshell.....  WEGO Health is an online network of people like you and me – people who use the internet and social media to connect around health and share health information.  We ARE Health Activists and WEGO has created a special awards program to recognize those Health Activists who are making a real difference in the online health community.

Please take a moment to visit the nominations page and nominate away.....  There's no limit to the number of people you may nominate so feel free to nominate in any and all categories and feel even more free to nominate more than one person in the same category.  FYI... this is NOT a shameless plug wherein I am seeking a nomination for anything.  I'm just loving the whole "Ambassador AnneMarie" gig.

And, I'm making my own list of nominees.  I can think of plenty of worthy people for every category.  I'm sure you can, too.  Hop to it......  Nominations can be made through December 31st.


  1. Wego is great. I first met with them probably in 2008. I went to Novartis last spring as well. It was a great experience. I met some great bloggers there as well. Glad to see you are back on line. I finally watched Pink Ribbons Inc and will have a lot to say about it - but first need to get past the hype of thyroid cancer being a good cancer now that Brooke Burke has been diagnosed with it.

    1. I saw that Brooke Burke thing and I have plenty to say about that, too. WE seem to be following the same track, Caroline!!!



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