Friday, July 20, 2012



Did you think I was going to forget about my promise?  Did you even know I made a promise?  It's for the Stage IV patients.  One blog post each week, EVERY week, is going to be specifically for those living with metastatic disease.  There are enough blogs on that blogroll written by mets patients to bring out the Fearless Friend in each of us.

This was quite an emotional week.  Monday and Tuesday were consumed with a fiery debate on this blog.  That's not the norm around here.  It happens.  Wednesday, I did my reflection of my first year of blogging.  Yesterday, it was about honoring my dad whose words resonated with so many.  I loved his quips and this was a favorite and turned out to be a big hit with many.  "Don't be so right you make yourself wrong."

Today, it's about keeping my promise.  I'm going to guess many of those who are eligible to participate are already aware of this study.  Just in case, however, I'm throwing this out there.  If you know of someone with a Stage IV diagnosis, please send them the link to the study.

23andMe is about our personal genetics.  I have not done my own personal genetic profile but I do have an issue with Beta Thalassemia and this website is the first place I have found with comprehensive and accurate information for those of us who do not have BT but are affected by inheriting a gene from just one parent.  (Mom's off the hook..... this came from dad.....)

23andMe has teamed up with Genetech.  If you were taking Avastin on or before December 31, 2011 and have a diagnosis of MBC, you are eligible to participate.  A saliva sample is all that is needed although they would like a blood draw if you are willing to provide that, too.  This is not for a new treatment.  It's a study, not a clinical drug trial.

If you would like to participate or know someone who might, please take a look.  I'm not selling hope or pushing anyone's agenda.  From where I sit, I just think the more people looking at information from as many different angles as possible, regardless of their own motivation, is the way to meaningful change.

Here's the link to what they are calling the InVite Study. Many of the partners are names I trust (others perhaps, Not So Much but that's my own personal gig and I will share when I finish my due diligence).

Please let me know what you think or if you decide to participate.

For now, Happy Weekend to all.  And to all a Good Weekend.......

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  1. I know many women will be willing to participate on this study…