Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Right now, I am on a beach somewhere in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  It doesn't matter if I'm having a fabulous time or not. I'm writing this days ahead of time and have it set to post today.

July 3rd

Today, my dad would have been 76 years old.  In two weeks, on July 19th, it will be the fifth anniversary of his death.  He barely looked 60.  He should not have died.  It was senseless.

What do I wish?

I wish that I weren't in Puerto Rico.  I should be in New York.  I should have a birthday gift and I should be heading to mom and dad's to celebrate his birthday.

Each year, every year..... five of us, our spouses and then with our own kids...... dad's birthday was our national holiday.  

I love you, dad.  And I miss you, so much.....

You're in my heart and your example continues to be the beacon that guides me. 


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. Next year it will be five years since my mom passed away, so I guess in a way we're on a similar grief timeline. I hate it. I wish you were planning another one of those special "national holidays." Your dad will forever remain a treasure for your heart. Sending many hugs.

  2. Like you, I know that five years from now, I'll be grieving James' death. It's so hard, moving forward without him. During last nights #BCSM, I posted that I hoped you were under a palm tree with an umbrella in your drink. What I didn't say was that I hope your trip is heading in the "best" direction for you. Sometimes we don't know until we get there.


  3. How wonderful that you and your dad had such love for each other. What a blessing.

    Brenda, I think about you and all that you've been through. My best to you, always.

  4. AnneMarie,

    I am so sorry for this horrible loss. I'm sorry you and your family are in pain. The whole thing is tragic.

    Take care and sending cyberhugs,



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