Friday, March 23, 2012


The other day, my friend Nancy, who blogs at Nancy's Point shared her experience with TSA and those body scanners.

In the comments section, Katherine who blogs at ihatebreastcancer shared her story.

I had my own "thing" in November at Logan Airport in Boston.

I can not WAIT for Stacey to return from California to hear her story.  The anticipation of her trip with her dad that she shared on her blog Bringing Up Goliath makes me laugh and I suspect every time I hear the word "pocketknife" (and I am talking about for the REST OF MY LIFE) I am going to laugh and people are going to think I've lost my mind.

I hope you will read through all the comments on Nancy's blog to get the full flavor of what some of us have experienced.

And then, you can read about some models of these scanners and how they are now banned in Europe because there is a concern about the AHEM.... cancer risk.  Indeed, in this article the following is noted:

"Fears about the health risks were raised in the U.S. as far back as 1998 when the machine known as the Secure 1000 was evaluated by a panel of radiation safety experts brought together by the Food and Drug Administration.
They all expressed concerns about the machine because it violated a longstanding principle that humans should not be X-rayed unless there is a medical purpose."

And if you REALLY want to be amused at this whole body scanner thing, there is a pretty gaping loophole as noted earlier this month in a news article.  Don't you just love that it is a BLOGGER who exposed the loophole and says he can get ANYTHING through those TSA scanners.

You know the way a great computer hacker (usually a 15 year old boy working from his bedroom-I know, I KNOW-I'm "hacker profiling" but prove me wrong) breaks into some super duper, top secret computer.... and we all read about how he is being "punished." And we all nod knowingly and snicker a bit since we realize this kid was just offered a LIFETIME position with the CIA for mega bucks.  Pay Dirt.

Maybe WE, the breast-bitch-bloggers (try saying that three times fast, hell, I can't even REMEMBER the order of the words...)  but, perhaps we should consider hiring Jonathan Corbett to find a way to get the TSA off our backs......or more accurately out of our blouses.

First we have cancer, then we lose body parts, then we get put into scanners that increase our risk for cancer, setting off the need for the "pat down" (and I REALLY would love to see what my body looked like on that screen)..... and now, someone found a way to get anything through those scanners????  And, not for nothing?  But any form of the word SCAN is traumatizing enough for some of us..... Just sayin' .....

I just had to get that off my chest because I'd really like the TSA to get off my back..... AND out of my blouse.


  1. Ann Marie,
    Love this post! You and your humor never cease to amaze me. And I had no idea certain scanners are banned in Europe because of their cancer causing risk...Really makes a body wonder doesn't it? I can't wait to hear about Stacey's experience when she gets back either. Off to check out your November experience next. Great post!

  2. Where are my manners? I forgot to say thank you for mentioning my post... so, thank you!

    1. Thanks for popping over! I just sat there nodding when I was reading your blog. And some of the comments, too! I happened upon that "banned in Europe" article recently and was going to "rerun" my blog. YOUR post made for a much more enjoyable story. Stacey's pre-travel post had me laughing. I suspect we will all be giggling again as long as someone doesn't get locked up!

      Great weekend to you.....

  3. I have a travel story to share: I was flying to Florida in January, and decided to go with a turban as opposed to my wig because I was afraid the metal clips on the wig would cause a problem. So, I got through the scanner fine and then the guard (or whatever they are called) told me take off my "hat". I said, "I am bald from chemotherapy." She again insisted I take it off, right there in front of all of those people. I said, "NO" I mean really, I would feel like I was standing there with a bare arse! So she got another guy to come over and he said it was okay and let me through. Now, do you want to hear the stories of traveling with my autistic son? Okay, I will save them for another time.
    Cancer Warrior


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