Friday, March 9, 2012



DID YOU VOTE YET?  TODAY'S VOTES COUNT AS TEN..... GO DO IT.... and then, make it a daily habit until May 15th.  The Pink Well Challenge highlights two organization each week.  This week, one of the organizations is Metavivor.  Friday is the power vote day.  That would be today.

This video was produced in honor of Rachel by Sarah Horton and Gayle Sulik.  Use the link directly to the page so you can read a bit, too.  You will see that Metavivor and Breast Cancer Action are two organizations supported by Rachel.  Each of their websites feature beautiful tributes to our dear friend whose voice is sorely missed.

Rachel Cheetham Moro from Sarah Horton on Vimeo.

The voting is important.  There is $50,000 up for grabs.  I'm sure all of the organizations are very worthy but aren't you tired of DEATH.  Untimely death.  I think that should be at the top of the list.  LIFE.  Surviving.  The Pink Folk with the money don't fund research too much.. which means even less goes to metastatic research.  Metavivor funds research.  The RIGHT kind of research.  Make a difference research-- which brings me to my second order of business.  I mean.. as long as I decided today would be a good day to appoint myself Ruler of the Roost and start dictating policy.

Army of Women is trying to fill a few studies.  If you fit the general criteria, please click the link to see if you might want to join the study.

That's just a sampling.  I selected those to highlight how we need ALL women: ALL ethnicities, ALL ages and ALL sexual orientations.  Breast cancer doesn't discriminate and the researchers don't either.  But they can't do their research if they don't have the women.  I'm going for the cheap joke.  If you are in a pissy mood, skip to the next paragraph.  I don't want to upset ANYONE...... BUT, I suppose if you are a mixed black and hispanic descent, overweight, depressed gay woman under age 40 you would qualify for every one of the studies.  If you are also having problems sleeping, I'm pretty sure there's another one I could toss your way.  I hope HOPE HOPE everyone realizes that was spoken with love LOVE LOVE... to make a POINT POINT POINT......

The entire list of open studies is here.  Please scroll through to see if you qualify OR, if you know someone who might be interested, pass the link along.  We need to fill the studies for these researchers.  They have some clever thoughts.  They obviously have the money.  Where are the women?  Come out, come out, wherever you are.....

On that note..... this is Bossy Betty signing off.  Hilarious Hilda, Irreverent Ida, Rebellious Rita, Pissed-Off Patty......  well, rest assured ONE of them will be back here on Monday.

Something to think about........what are your thoughts about pre-reserving an in room foot massage or a chair side acupuncture session?  Let's come back next week for a discussion.

Happy weekend..... Vote and Scroll.  VOTE and SCROLL.


  1. I voted! Thanks for getting the word out. Will continue to vote.

  2. BTW, found the video so moving. A true testament to Rachel.


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