Wednesday, July 11, 2012


It is often said that in giving, we reap rewards far greater than those we feel when we are the recipients of the good will of others.

Yesterday, I felt the need to share someone's story with anyone who happened to be reading this blog.  Today, I thank you for giving of yourselves.  The responses from those of you who went to the website to leave a message and to those of you who asked me to send your support did not go unheard.

Last night, Suzanne posted this follow up note and each and every one who took a moment to send words of support should know what the smallest act of kindness can mean to another.  As she mentioned in her initial post, Suzanne speaks French and noted we should excuse any improper English. One comment made me smile.  It said we were reading with a French accent. Frankly, I am in absolute AWE of anyone who can WRITE in any language other than their native tongue.

This is from Suzanne to all of you...

Just a word to tell you how much wellness your words are giving me.  I was already better today only by the fact I had vent the pressure.  Seing anwer coming in were like a balm...

I am preparing a respone for each of you, it may take me a couple of hours, but it worth it.  I may also be able to post it only tomorrow if I block on certain words - I need to find a way to tell you how much I had felt your support.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


There's a bit of serendipity here, too.  I love serendipitous stuff so I must share.  There is a blog on that ever growing list in the left column that is written by someone from New Zealand.  Get Out Gertrude is the genius of Jenny.  I "met" Jenny on twitter.  Jenny is also a mets patient with IBC.  In June, Jenny blogged about her decision to stop treatment.  My heart broke.  That link is her post announcing her decision.  My comment on her blog was one month ago.  Last night, Jenny's name popped up in my twitter feed and we chatted.  She popped over to my blog and we took our conversation into a private space wherein she told me, "I know Suzanne."

Last night, from my home in New York, I sent a message to Suzanne in Quebec and shared the fact that we have a common friend in New Zealand.  I'm the monkey in the middle.  Content and thrilled that I am connected to each of these very special women.  Yesterday was a day of lots of tear-filled eyes.  It truly does not get much better than this.  Random acts of kindness on the part of total strangers who are now forever bonded.   


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    1. And so are you for leaving a message for Suzanne!

  2. thank you for your kind words AnneMarie. That is what I love about the internet and why I blog and twitter. There is a worldwide sisterhood of wonderful women that you can connect with even on your darkest days. We are all but one link in that chain but we all make it that little bit stronger
    Long distance hugs from New Zealand

    1. Jenny,

      Yes, we are all one link in a chain and we do make it stronger with each connection. Thank you for adding a comment here. Your words mean lots to me and the way this whole thing happened still has me alternating between teary eyes and a heart filled with joy over the love, YES... the pure LOVE I see circling the globe. It's special. So special.



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