Thursday, July 24, 2014


I "met" Suzanne Lemay because of a post in an online forum.  She wrote this two years ago.  She died last week.  And once again, I'm shattered.

Suzanne's first language was French and she would always apologize for her grammar.  I would shake my head in disbelief.  To speak a second language is a big deal.  To write in a second language, even bigger.

Suzanne's words,

I look around me and see ordinary people doing their regular grocery.  This reality is not mine, I feel like I’m in a horror movie, being in a car at high speed, without a driver, knowing I will crash in any moments... but wait, it is worse than that – I am trap in a body, that is so sick and broken that it is dying... with me inside!

That's a glimpse into the thoughts that were running through Suzanne's head.  It was heartbreaking to read the post.

It was July 9, 2012.  This blog wasn't yet one year old but I already knew a big part of my focus would forever remain with the metastatic community.  I asked you, those who were reading, to share your words of support.  You did.  Many of you did.

Today, I grieve as another member of this community is stolen.  This will sting Every.Single.Time.

In memory of all who are gone and in honor of all in lifelong treatment, I'm joining #CountUs.  My name is on the original wall but now, I'm supporting their initiative to keep the metastatic community front and center.  Not just on October 13, but every day.

RIP sweet Suzanne.  You will be missed.  You are loved and you will never be forgotten.

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