Thursday, September 26, 2013

I SUPPORT #MesoAwarenessDay #LCSM

Eleven months ago, I received an email.  It was from a husband, a daddy and suddenly a caregiver to his wife.  Cameron Von St James reached out to me and I hoped to share his story, Heather's story on this blog.

We first connected right before Sandy left me (and the entire NY area) with a giant mess on my hands.  Then, we reconnected as the holidays approached and I was preparing to take my sister, and then, my mom, for biopsies.  When we next connected, I was sharing the details of my mom's diagnosis of metastatic disease.  There was always another "thing."

Maybe that's the way it was supposed to happen.  As it turns out, Cameron contacted me a few weeks ago.  TODAY is Mesothelioma Awareness Day.  I was vehement about awareness and how that ship has sailed.

And yet...... Here is a perfect example of a need to raise awareness.  Get people talking.  And educate.  Awareness without education isn't effective.  Now you are aware.  Learn about Heather and how she empowered herself.  Share with the lung cancer community at large and today, especially, on behalf of those diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Today's goal?  Helping to share the voices of those Dying to Be Heard.  Please do click and see why that goal is set at raising 7200 voices in solidarity.

We need to stand shoulder to shoulder in support of every form of cancer education.  Because yes, all cancer is NOT pink. Can you help share this message?  Share from Heather's link, or share this blog across as many channels as you see fit.

And please, do listen to Heather, beautiful Heather, in her own words:

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  1. Thank you for this post, AM. I recall you talking about mesothelioma last year; you may recall me mentioning that my dad died from it ... though we didn't know that he had this cancer until *after* he passed away. Imagine our shock when his doctor called with the autopsy report and it was asbestos cancer. My father's many doctors were puzzled by his lung issues (he was only sick for 4 months before he died). That pesky cancer did not reveal itself despite the analysis of fluid removed from his lungs. And despite a pericardiectomy.

    But enough of that. I am writing to warn folks that not even medical professionals can always diagnosis mesothelioma properly. Awareness is necessary on this front, as is funding for research. Thank you for sharing Heather's story. I will share it on Twitter.

    1. Thanks so much, Renn.

      I do remember your dad and my grandfather died at 55 years old, diagnosed with lung cancer and gone in six months. I know in my heart (very scientific but we are talking about 1966) it was because he was a truck driver. I hope Heather's story reaches many.



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