Monday, August 19, 2013


Why I love my oncologist?  OUR oncologist.... he's got my mom's back now.

This appears in Cure Magazine's digital issue.  A guest blog, it's about listening to your body, being your own advocate, seeking second opinions....

A must read simply because you will quickly understand why I feel so very fortunate.  There are doctors and then there are those who know how to combine the science of medicine with the art of medicine.

What I might have taken for granted because I didn't know any other way, I now realize is exceptional care.  We've all been that concerned patient, we've all needed reassurance and comfort, we've all wanted to know our doctors were taking us seriously.  Even if we were having a meltdown.  With limited information and no where else to turn.....

"The role of the oncologist in caring for a very concerned patient is to listen carefully to the patient's complaint and order the appropriate tests to determine if the problem is a significant one that requires a specific treatment," says Sugarman......

"If the complaint turns out, after full evaluation, not to be serious, then the physician should prescribe the best plan, give the patient instructions on what changes to look for that would require further investigation, and provide words of reassurance and comfort to the patient."

He's not just selling a bill of goods to generate a good blurb for a magazine.  This is the way he practices medicine.

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  1. Great article! I’m interested in learning how to help people in my town receiving cancer treatment or who have family members going through it.

    What are your big fears or frustrations? What have you tried that hasn’t worked? What do you need help with?

    Please email me at or


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