Tuesday, June 18, 2013

ON MY WAY TO #140you -- MEET ME THERE !!

The feed should go live at 9AM Eastern.  Hopefully, I'll be in my seat and not watching from my iPad. NYC traffic.  Always dangerous.  I'm giving myself two hours to commute.  The time has come for me to begin using mass transit.  Except, there was a little issue last night at Penn Station with a train stuck, a little derailed.  Not sure how something can be a little derailed.  Either it's on the rail or it's not.

Which begs the question......What's worse?  Traffic anxiety or crowd anxiety in a packed commuter rail station on a hot day.  I think I choose traffic and my car and the radio.  And I keep my fingers crossed.  A hotel would have been a good option.  Or better yet, an apartment in Manhattan.

If this link doesn't work, try the direct feed on the #140Conf website.  The latest schedule is here.  Hope you'll check back and listen live!  Today... and TOMORROW.....  See you back here on Thursday.

  Streaming live video by Ustream

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