Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Did you read all of Lauren's columns on Friday?

I'm sure some of you might have read them all, some may not have even seen the post.  Fridays can be funny like that....

This is a link to Friday's post:


I realize on some devices the clickable links may not work so if cutting and pasting is necessary......

Do scroll through the posts.

I'm on mental overload and I suspect there's just a tad too happening at the moment.  Today, I SWEAR I am going to remain focused and I'm not doing anything until I've cleared every single thing that I must clear.

I may have finally come to a place of tossing in the towel and discussing medication with one of my doctors.  The "work around solutions" aren't doing me a damn bit of good.

Maybe it's the post holiday let down, maybe it's the knowledge that CMF was shown to be a significant problem after twenty years, maybe I'm just tired.

Enjoy the gift of Lauren's writing.  Tomorrow is another day.

For today:  Nothing.  I got nuthin'


  1. Whatever is going on AnneMarie I am here for you. There are all sorts of ups and downs about effective chemos as well as opinions. Please let your mom know we are thinking about both of you and the rest of your family and friends and send you prayers, hugs and XoXoXo - Susan

  2. oh, anne marie,

    i am so sorry you're at an impasse with some things, a hard place to be for sure. do take as much time as you need so sort it all out. meanwhile, please know i and many others keep you close to our hearts...and that you are not alone.

    much, much love, XOXO,

    karen, TC

  3. My husband's a Pharmacist, and his input has been invaluable to me during BC. He's helped me understand (and appreciate!) the many benefits that the right meds can offer, and has helped me avert potential problems. I encourage you to "tawk" to your doc, AM, and then talk to your pharmacist about any concerns too. They really are happy to help, and are a jewel on this journey. As are you! xoxo

  4. Anne Marie,

    It's not a matter of throwing in the towel. This is a matter of brain chemistry, not weakness. Meds saved my life and got me through my treatments. But please, only get them through a psychiatrist.

    Meds don't cover up feelings or make you numb, but when you fall into an emotional pit, they help you climb out a lot faster.

    Oceans of love, my brave darling,



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