Thursday, May 17, 2012


She's witty.  She's brilliant.  She's determined. She gets it.  And most importantly?  She RANTS (by her own admission!).

This video is a talk given by Dr. Susan Love.  Excellent points are made about how WE are part of a team.    We, as patients, have good ideas.  We can be active research participants.  We can and should be part of the collaborative effort.

I ranted enough yesterday...... In fact, I ranted myself right into an eye twitch.  Have you any idea how difficult it is to read or write with a twitchy eye?  I've wanted to share this video since it hit Dr. Love's Facebook page.  No time like the present.  Besides, she deserves an audience today.  Yesterday, Army of Women closed out another study.  Researcher has all the necessary participants.  If we work together, we can get things done.

Speaking of which...if you missed Monday's post, please take a peek.  It's too late to vote for METAvivor so the beginning of the post is no longer relevant but it's not too late to sign the petition or to encourage your representative to sign the bill to Accelerate the End of Breast Cancer.  Deadline 2020.  All of this will take about two minutes of your time.  It's important.  And I'll tweet out to anyone whose representative is missing from the list.  I had success with that one last signature from NYS and I'm happy to report, New York now has 100% support.  I'm not taking credit for that last signature but it wasn't there before I hit that twitter feed and then, it was.  You can decide.......

And one last thing..... If you live in the San Francisco area, Breast Cancer Action is screening Pink Ribbons Inc on May 31st. Here's the trailer.....  for those who think I'm too pissed off about pink..... have a listen... Then, come talk to me....

And now, rounding out the day in videos, Dr. Susan Love (who is in that trailer for PRI) educating an audience and as she said on Facebook....
"My rant regarding how researchers think of patients as "other" to be studied rather than collaborators with good ideas!"   -- Dr. Susan Love


  1. I'm thrilled, THRILLED, to learn that the Army of Women closed out another study. May they close out every study they start!! You are just amazing in promoting Dr. Love's efforts. She's a love, no doubt. And you are, too! Thanks for all you do for the breast cancer community. xxx

    1. Jan... Thank YOU!! I am always happy when I "hit something" and it's newsworthy elsewhere. This video of Dr. Love is discussed here:

      Army of Women just posted the link on twitter! I guess I'm good at snooping out the good stuff????? Sorta goes with that City Slickers reference I made in yesterday's blog..... Detective AnneMarie at your service.... ;)



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