Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Yesterday morning, I found this exquisitely written poem in an email from a dear friend.  She wrote it to me, for me and I am touched in ways I can't begin to describe.  She was one of the many, many people as Martina McBride sings so beautifully, who loved me through it.....  and an army of people who continue to love me through survivorship as I move in
Anew Direction.     

For Anne Marie ...

What is left
When a body is mutilated
To fight Dis-ease?

What is left
When the curing
Takes the mind?

Why, What is left
Is Shining Spirit
Emerging from the brutal battle
For Life

What is Left
Is what is Real
And it is fierce, this Beauty!


Carmen, this takes my breath away...... xoxoxox

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