Thursday, July 11, 2013


We have ribbons for everything and awareness campaigns for every month.

July.....  It's Cord Blood Awareness Month.  I'm sure it's plenty of other awareness things but I'm most interested in cord blood and with good reason.  You can read a little about it in this Reuters article.  Cord blood is collected at the time of a baby's birth.  Without getting into a scientific explanation, let's just say that cord blood can be banked and may provide treatment for certain diseases, might be used for bone marrow transplants and could be used in research.  That's the third grade version which is all my brain is capable of explaining at this moment.  The FDA explanation is a bit more informative.

What makes this one of those serendipitous things for me?  It ties directly to a project that has become near and dear to my heart.  Consano.  There are research projects submitted for funding which are vetted by a Scientific Advisory Board.  If you see something on the site that you feel is worthy of a donation, your dollars are going right into the hands of the researcher.  Take a peek around to read about how it all works.

I spoke to Molly Lindquist many weeks ago.  We were like two exuberant children.  Both of us passionate about the same things..... and how can we learn from each other and really begin to see some meaningful change.  Molly is in the breast cancer club.  Consano is her baby.  And I am honored to be one of the members of the scientific advisory board.  I was invited to join the board during that phone call.

In the midst of the recent mystery commotion in my life, I received an email asking me to review a research project for funding consideration using the Consano platform.  I love this stuff.  I love reading about the science.  And THIS project was all about cord blood.  I was enthusiastic in my endorsement of the project.  Apparently, I wasn't alone.  The project is now one of those seeking funding with the help of Consano.

Perfectly timed.  July.  Cord Blood Awareness Month.


  1. I am excited to hear of your involvement with this important and innovative crowdfunding platform. Looking forward to seeing how this all develops. You are the perfect person to have on board.

  2. The Consano platform seems worth knowing about, Anne Marie. TY for sharing it. I hope the "commotion" settles favorably. Best, Elaine

  3. It's just great to hear you getting onto boards and being a strong voice for so many. I didn't know it was cord blood month, and actually know very little about it - so I'm off to the website for a peek! ~Catherine

  4. We are so lucky to have you on our SAB, Anne Marie. You bring such great perspective and (clearly) a strong patient voice! :) Thank you for being a part of Consano!

  5. dear AnneMarie,

    I will check out consano. thank you once again for providing needed and intriguing topics to explore. you will be a valuable asset to their SAB, and I am excited for you - and for all of us for whom you present such a strong and committed voice on our behalf. I hope you find it to be fulfilling and can't wait to read about this latest and most generous effort on our behalf. we are so lucky to have you!

    much love and light,


  6. BOOM: Consano hits it our of the park, AM!

  7. You are simply awesome AnneMarie! Thank you for continuing to educate me. I will check out Consano.


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