Friday, September 7, 2012


Political affiliation is a choice.

Religious beliefs are a choice.

NOT choosing is STILL a choice.

How Komen spends YOUR donor dollars is THEIR choice.

Where you s(p)end YOUR money is YOUR choice.

IF you do not s(p)end money--STILL a choice. 

Next week, on Tuesday, September 11 an election day in New York (is any of that sounding eerily familiar to anyone?) we will stop and pay our respects to those whose lives were taken in the name of religion.

Next week, on Tuesday, September 11 a New York based publisher has scheduled the release of a book titled Planned Bullyhood which purports to tell the truth behind the headlines about the battle waged by Susan G Komen For The Cure against Planned Parenthood.

I have no interest in reading the book.  It is the perspective and opinion of one woman who happens to have been on the inside during a public relations nightmare of epic proportions for Komen resulting in what will likely be a tremendous financial windfall for said woman.

In the middle of this, I stand.  A woman living in the shadow of my own breast cancer diagnosis.  A Fearless Friend to many, some of whom will not be here to ring in 2013.  As such, I wasn't happy at the mention of breast cancer at both the Republican and the Democratic Conventions by (or referring to) women who were at the podium in either of those arenas.

Are we not divisive enough with all of the pink wars being waged?  MUST we add more fuel to the fire by injecting politics and religion into the equation?  If you think the Pink Mess of 2012 isn't going to be "October on Steroids," I can only say I hope you are right and I am wrong.

From where I sit, the mother of all cause marketing campaigns is now poised to be bantered about like a political volleyball.  Between the soon to be released book and the real life diagnosis of some of the political players, the stage is set.

Remember this.  Every single thing that I mentioned in my prior rambling thoughts represents CHOICE.  It is one of the very best things about living in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  We ARE able to choose.  We are encouraged to CHOOSE.  To exercise our right to free speech and to choose.

Choose your candidate.  Choose your God.  Choose no candidate.  Choose atheism.  Choose to say, "I'm tuning it all out and I'm making a choice to NOT choose." 

We must get on the same page.  It appears there is more that divides us than that which brings us together.  The same page?  Hell, we must get into the same damn book.

Mostly, we must NEVER EVER EVER forget...... 


Again, for those who need things repeated.  Breast Cancer?  NOT a Choice.  


  1. I agree with your take on the pink wars. Politics and religion have no place when it comes to ending breast cancer. Knowing that one woman is dying of MBC every 14 minutes in the US and each of these woman are friends, mothers, daughters, etc, this is where we need to come together and end breast cancer as well as help those with breast cancer and MBC. Knowing that in the US about 20% of those that get breast cancer will die of breast cancer, it's time we come together and work on ending this disease once and for all. We need to understand that mistakes have been made, learn from them and move forward. Thanks Marie for saying what many of us are thinking. -Susan

    1. Yes..... time for more ACTION.....

      The stats are appalling and upsetting....




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