Sign Up For The Army

Review the Studies  before you even go any further.  I think you will find them to be quite interesting.  To quote my wise daughter, "Think outside the box? There is NO Box!"  That's what THESE studies are all about!

I would like to encourage everyone to pass this information along to anyone, everyone.....Many of us have been touched by someone with breast cancer. Most of us have been touched by someone with another type of cancer or disease.

Dr. Susan Love is trying to assemble an "Army" and the members are under no obligation to participate in anything! She has made it her mission to move beyond a cure. She wants to find a way to PREVENT breast cancer.

By joining her army, the only thing you are doing is providing her with some very basic information and your email address. Occasionally, she will send out a mass email: A Call to Action.  An e-Blast!

Your responsibility?  Read the email. She selects studies (Not Clinical Trials!).  They are quality of life studies for breast cancer survivors, non drug studies about metastatic disease and the real passion, studies to help researchers understand WHY we develop breast cancer. 

The email is easy to read. Immediately, you will see the area in which any given study is taking place. In a few short sentences, the purpose of the study is explained and the criteria necessary to determine eligibility.

And, THAT IS THAT. If you feel it's something you wish to pursue, you click on a link to get more information.  Still not obligated.  If you don't fit the study but perhaps you know someone who might, you can forward the email.  Dr. Love is passionate about just getting the word out and the more women she can email, the better chance these studies will be filled quickly.

Joining DOES NOT obligate you to participate in anything. You will not be tossed from the army even if you choose to do nothing more than receive the emails.

I joined. Now I hope to give AOW some of my time to help Dr. Love amass her Million Person Army.

She is looking for ALL women.... in other words, young and old, healthy, survivors or those in active treatment. These studies are scratching away at every and any possible thing that might be identified as a potential cause of why some of us develop breast cancer and others do not.  The studies are different than what you would expect.

I'm in this, first and foremost for my daughter. And, I'm in it for all women. I believe in what Dr. Love is doing. Right now, there are about 364,000 women enrolled. Honestly, there is no reason why there can't be ten TIMES that amount signed on in no time at all. After all, you aren't obligating yourself to do anything! What's one more email a few times a month. (IF that...) Try it. Please? You can always go AWOL with absolutely no chance of a military tribunal.  I Promise, your email address will be safeguarded!

And, while you're there, feel free to drop my name or the blog in the referral line ;)  Just tell 'em AnneMarie sent ya!