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First and foremost:

For Lori, my #SoulSister, the person who always "got me" -- I miss her every minute of every day. Our story and our video and a blog written by AACR about her.

Our poster presentation at 2017 AACR Annual Meeting:

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Living with Chemobrain
Dreaded Word Drops

ALL TRIALS CAMPAIGN. This matters. Lots.

AACR 2015

Slides and Audio of AACR15 Presentation

AACR Presentation Social Media for Scientists Presentation at AACR Annual Meeting 2015 with Dr.  Wafik El-Deiry, Fox Chase Cancer Center and Dr. Emil Lou, University of Minnesota


A conversation with Dr. Julie Gralow at SABCS 2012

Interview with Dr. Jay Harness at SABCS 2012 (Chemobrain talk, at 25 minute mark)

Time Equals Lives (Partnering for Cures 2012, Faster Cures)

Visible Ink Writing Program at MSKCC Promotional Video (1:30 minute mark)

NPR NYC Interview May 2012 Pink Ribbons Inc.

Barbara Beach Interview Medivizor September 2013

From Diagnosis to Empowerment One Woman's True Story

When Anne Marie heard the "C" word she reacted as we all do. Shock,denial and then self advocacy. She discovered a free web site Medivizor that linked her to Doctor's and research world wide that helped walk her through her treatment and recovery. A passionate recounting of personal strength and the power of finding an online advocate.
- See more at:

Joni Aldrich, Cancer SOS Interview with Tal Givoly, CEO Medivizor
(link to original show is no longer archived, still searching for it)

How To Respond to Dumb Things People Say
A Few Thoughts About How to Deal with Cancer Diagnosis
Some Practical Post Surgical Tips
On Onco-Dx at SABCS 2012

About Chemotherapy
Why I Blog
On Chemobrain

ABC News Interview with Dr. Love October 2011
Army Of Women Video
Digital Quilt (search using: family cluster) by Facing Cancer Together
WEGO Health Breast Cancer Awareness Webinar
F1000 Prime Tweet Chat/Open Access

Author of lay abstract and patient advocate on $1M Komen funded research grant
Contributed to AACR website: Tools for Understanding


Cancer Today, Winter 2012/2013    (Print & Online)
ASCO Post Interview March 2012 (Print & Online)
Ladies Home Journal October 2012 (Print & Online)
Ladies Home Journal October 2012 (Online supplement to print edition)
Daily Muse October 2012
Breast Care Site December 2011
Faster Cures Print Interview
How Cancer Changed Me: The Guardian Oct 2013
US News Online "10 Lessons from Empowered Patients"
Facing Cancer "The Side Effect No One Talks About"  (Print & online)
Periscope, a very unique look behind the scenes of a tweet chat during 2015 AACR Meeting/ABC News


Named to HIT Consultants list of 15 influential ePatients to Follow (Nov 2014)
NCI Cancer Bulletin on (Last paragraph)
Healthline Best Breast Cancer Blogs 2015 (4th consecutive year)
She Knows
MSKCC Bridges, Survivor Newsletter, My TSA Story (pg 7)
Who To Follow At SABCS via Biotech Strategy Blog
AACR Annual Meeting 2013 via BioTech
TEDMED Storify Achieving Medical Innovation
Storify on ePatient Connections 2014
Storify by NCI on World Cancer Day 2015
Cancer Today Get Tweeting (Commentary about presentation I gave at 2015 AACR Annual Meeting)
Advocates Make Presence Known at 2015 Annual AACR Meeting
AACR Annual Meeting 2016: Survivors Bring Broader Perspective


Cancer Knowledge Network
Make Your Dialogue Count, Novartis Oncology Blog
Your Brain After Chemo, Idelle Davidson
No Boobs About It, Jean Campbell
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Pink Ribbon Blues, Gayle Sulik
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